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Buxworth Primary School Curriculum Statement


At Buxworth, we believe in creating an inspiring, innovative and exciting curriculum that will enable our children to have enquiring minds and be resilient and independent learners.


To be able to give Buxworth Primary School children the best chance of achieving and succeeding in these aims, we follow Project 25.


Project 25 was created by Buxworth children, staff, parents and Governors alongside the local community businesses.


We asked the initial question: “Where should our children want to be as individuals by the time they were 25 years of age?”


Along with the obvious basic skills, the list of individual qualities were formulated as:


  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Friendship
  • Compassion
  • Trust
  • Thankfulness
  • Keeping Safe
  • Environmentally aware
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • STEM


To achieve these qualities we implemented a holistic, structured topic based approach to learning which references the National Curriculum – creating an educational opportunity that is rich, ambitious, challenging and relevant for each individual child.


Here at Buxworth we encourage our children to take measured risks and to engage in a fully immersive learning experience which enables them to have the best possible chance of becoming well rounded, ambitious, educated, happy individuals, ready for their next step in the wider world.


Come to our class pages- by clicking on the links below- to see the curriculum we are offering our children!

We love to read at Buxworth!

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