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Maths at Buxworth Primary School

At Buxworth Primary School, we follow the Power Maths approach to teaching mathematics as one of the maths mastery approaches recommended by Department of Education. We use a 'concrete, pictorial, and abstract' approach to our maths teaching. To begin with our children carry out calculations using apparatus to support their learning, then, when they are feeling confident with this, they are able to move onto pictorial representations before finally being able to calculate on paper using formal written methods. This approach enables children to see and understand the maths they are using every day in a deep and meaningful way, and understand why the numbers they calculate with form patterns in the way that they do. For more information on this, please refer our school calculations policy.


Curriculum Threads:

  • From Reception to Year 6, teachers follow the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach when planning and delivering their maths lessons.
  • Lessons provide daily opportunities for children to become fluent, reason mathematically and solve problems.
  • Children engage in practical activities and games using a variety of resources
  • Ample opportunities are provided to solve problems and to challenge thinking
  • Children engage in individual, paired, group or whole class learning and discussions
  • Teachers provide purposeful practise where time is given to apply their learning
  • Teachers provide a range of methods of calculating e.g. mental, pencil & paper and using a calculator
  • Children work with computers as a mathematical tool e.g. Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots.



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