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English at Buxworth Primary School


At Buxworth Primary School we believe that our children are entitled to a language rich English curriculum where they appreciate the power of the spoken and written word.

We recognise the foundations for teaching the English National Curriculum begin in Early Years with the development of a high quality programme planned within Communication, Language and Literacy. Many children enter our schools with very poor language skills, therefore, teaching children to communicate is vital from the very early stages of their journey with us through primary school. As inclusive schools, our curriculum recognises the varied needs of our children and allows every child to maximise their learning potential and achieve in English. Our aim is to prepare them for the application of English skills across the whole curriculum and life beyond education.

We believe reading is a passport to the world and strongly feel that cultivating a “reading for pleasure” culture in our schools is imperative.

 “Reading for pleasure is the single most important thing that will make a child successful in life’”(UNESCO)

The National Curriculum for English places reading for pleasure at the heart of the English curriculum. Our text based approach allows children to immerse themselves in great literature, opening them up to ideas, experiences, places and times they might never otherwise experience in real life. Thus giving our children the chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

“All pupils must be encouraged to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction to develop their knowledge of themselves and the world they live in, to establish an appreciation and love of reading, and to gain knowledge across the curriculum.’ (National Curriculum in England, DfE, 2014)   

We believe in a strong sense of community and provide opportunities for children to display their English skills and achievements through planned special events e.g. assemblies, pantos, nativities, speech choir festival, individual speaking, debates, etc. At the heart of our curriculum, the principal aim is that children leave our school with a wide range of happy memories in English formed through exciting enrichment activities beyond the classroom.




Curriculum Threads in Writing:

We believe children will:

  • Acquire a well-developed and well-presented cursive handwriting style
  • Be able to demonstrate clear progression of writing skills and a deeper understanding of how and when to use specific grammar and punctuation

 ·    Develop the ability to write for sustained periods of time

  • Use spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately and confidently in all pieces of writing
  • Develop the ability to plan, draft and edit their work effectively
  • Demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding by writing effectively for a range of audiences and purposes
  • Write accurately, coherently and imaginatively, adapting their language and style for different areas of the curriculum
  • Become more confident writers with a sense of enjoyment and creativity in their writing
  • Use their punctuation pyramid displayed in every class to show progression and continuity
  • Build on their vocabulary (see progression vocabulary chart for each year).



Curriculum Threads in Speaking and Listening:

We believe our children will:


  •  Understand the importance of effective communication.

·     Acquire a talent for listening attentively so as to understand what is being said.

·     Develop and use a rich and varied vocabulary that gives clarity and interest to conversations.

  •  Speak clearly with correct standard English so they can be easily understood.
  •  Show respect for others when communicating, even when views differ.

·     Grow in confidence throughout their primary school lives so they can perform to an audience.

·     Make significant progress from entry in 2 year old provision to leaving our school in Year 6.

·     Use their speaking and listening skills to achieve in all areas of the curriculum.


Curriculum Threads in Vocabulary, Punctuation and Grammar:

We believe our children will:


·    Understand the importance of correct grammar and punctuation in their speaking and writing.

·    Develop and use a rich and varied vocabulary in both their conversations and written work.

·    Use their knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to achieve in other areas of the   curriculum not just English lessons.

·    High quality literature opens the children up to seeing in context the correct use of grammar    and punctuation and develops their growing bank of exciting and ambitious vocabulary.


Curriculum Threads in Spelling

We believe our children will:


 ·    Use the knowledge and strategies taught to become confident and accurate spellers.

 ·    Have a clear understanding of spelling conventions and patterns.

 ·    Use a dictionary to correct misspelt words.

 ·    Become more confident spelling which leads to more fluent writing


At Buxworth we LOVE to read!

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