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Giant Hogweed

Here are details from the HPBC website about giant hogweed.


The Council have received a number of enquiries concerning Giant Hogweed following the news  reports of children suffering burns and blister from these plants. Fortunately, so far reports from the local community have proved to be the common hogweed which is harmless. The following outlines the identification features of Giant Hogweed.


Giant Hogweed

Common Hogweed


Up to 4m tall   

Between 1-2m tall


Up to 3m in length with bristles underneath

Up to 0.5m


5-10cm diameter green with red or purple blotches            

2-3cm diameter & green

If you suspect there is giant hogweed avoid contact with the plant as the hairs on the stem and leaves contain toxic chemicals that cause blistering when exposed to sunlight. If the plant is growing on public land please report it as soon as possible on 0345 129 7777 or 01298 28400 or if it is on private land please contact the land owner.


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