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We have had a wonderful first week back at school. The children all came back rested and ready to learn. 


In Maths they learnt how to count and represent the number in  dfifferent ways. the children used counters, cubes and their fingers. When I asked them to show me numbers over 10 using their fingers they worked out that they had to work with a partner and use both sets of hands. Very well done children.

we also started to learn about place value and the meaning of the unit and digit value. They learnt what the 1 represents in a teen number. 

In Phonics we have been learning new phonemes and digraphs. As usual, the children have been using magnetic letters to write the words and consolidate their understanding about how to segment words in to sounds to write.  They have been further using this skill every day in their writing. 


this week we have been using the film Frozen to stimulate our writing and we have written about the characters Olaf, Elsa and Anna.


In P.E we are doing gymnastics. This week we learnt how to do different tyoes of rolls. We learnt a pencil, teddy and sausage roll. 


In Art we made some beautiful icy/ snowy pictures using cold colours. 


In Understanding of the World we learnt what winter is and we went on a hunt. They children loved looking for signs of winter and ticking off the things they found on their sheets. 

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