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I-Vengers are GO!

Buxworth Primary School has joined a county-wide online safeguarding initiative called I-Vengers. This involves children from across the school, led by I-Vengers from Year 5 and Year 6, becoming ambassadors for internet safety.


The I-Vengers have been set a challenge for this term to gather as many parent online safety surveys as possible. The I-Vengers need YOU to help them complete this task!


Please follow this link to complete a two minute survey about online safety: I-VENGERS PARENT SURVERY


We really do need as many responses as possible so your help is, as always, much appreciated.


Keep Calm and Carry On - World War Two 


Welcome back to the new school year Redwoods class. We'll be starting with a double topic to take us up to Christmas - 'Keep Calm and Carry On' - which is all about World War Two. 


Click on the school bags below to navigate your way through the new format of our class page. You'll find key information as well as plenty of photographs. If you'd like to reminisce, you can find all your excitement from last year by scrolling down.   


Mrs B 

Scroll down to Reminisce about last year's excitement

Food Glorious Food! 

This term we will be exploring everything food related with the finale of this school year ending in our own chocolate bar creations and advertisements. 


Stay tuned for other delicious elements to our learning. 

Curriculum Overview - Food Glorious Food!

Sports Day for Year 3 and 4

What an fantastic morning we've had down on the Rec! We are very proud of all the children who took part. They all tried incredibly hard at each of the activities and showed great sportsmanship. They encouraged each other and worked together in the team events. A huge congratulations to our winners!

Individual races - Y4 Girls

Still image for this video

Y4 Boys

Still image for this video

Y4 Girls (group 1) hurdles

Still image for this video

Y4 Girls (group 2) - hurdles

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Y4 Boys (group 1) - hurdles

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Y4 Boys (group 2) - hurdles

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Y4 Girls - balancing a tennis ball

Still image for this video

Y4 Boys - balancing a tennis ball

Still image for this video

Our Winners- 1st, 2nd and 3rd places! Team game winners - Germany!

Chocolate Creation Adverts 

Here you can view the adverts that we wrote and recorded. 

Taste Testing Our Chocolate Creations

Bushcraft Day! 
We’ve had a fantastic afternoon with Peter. We’ve learnt how to light a fire using flint and steel and how to safely whittle the wood for the fire. We ended the session with a game of darts with the darts we made out of willow and feathers. 

Design and Technology - Taste Testing

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Treasure Hunt

We had great fun kicking off our topic with a foodie themed treasure hunt. We solved maths and English based puzzles and riddles to find a trove of sweets and chocolates. 

"That was great, a little bit hard but we kept going and did it!" - Faith, great resilience. 

Still Life Drawing and Observational Sketches

Classroom debate time: Should Mr Wonka's chocolate factory be closed - yay or nay?

Tomb Raiders 

This term it is all about Ancient Egypt and the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. We'll be having an Egyptian themed day so look out for the photographs! 


You can look at our topic overview by clicking the link below. 


Tomb Raiders Topic Overview

We had a great day finishing off our Ancient Egyptian topic with a feast day. 

We had a great day when the History Van came into school to help us explore Ancient Egypt. 

Number Day (times table rock star day) in Sycamore Class

Blooming Marvelous! 

Now that were back together this term, we will be looking at all things bloomy! 


Click the links below to look at our overview and see any pictures of our work.Stay tunes for any exciting news.  


Blooming Marvelous Overview

Under The Sea 

Welcome back to the second half of the autumn term Sycamore Class. 

Our new topic for the term is 'Under The Sea' and we are set to have so much fun. We'll be reading Jules Verne's classic - 20,000 leagues under the sea as well as other great books set around the ocean - so jump onboard and let's set sail... 

September 2020 

We're Going On Safari... 

Well hello Sycamore class!

It is so lovely to see your smiling faces back in the classroom and wow... haven't we started it with excitement! For any parents that haven't been told about it at home, we started out new topic 'On Safai' by going on a real life, live safari in South Africa. We logged into Wild Earth TV and let them take us on an wildlife adventure in the African bush. Our class, along with Hawthorn class emailed our questions in to the experienced game rangers and they answered them live - it was so exciting to see African animals in their natural environment -we even saw the incredibly endangered African Painted wolf or Wild dog as it is sometimes called. 


I'm looking forward to taking you all on more adventures throughout the topic...stay tuned for more fun... 


If you'd like to do some research at home about some of the Animals you find in the African countries, I'd love to see it (and any fabulous pictures that you draw). You can email your creations to school.  

You can find our topic overview for 'On Safari' below: 
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