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What have we been doing in school?

Viking life

Today, the children took on the role of the teacher. In groups they went on a facts treasure hunt to find  information about one key aspect of Viking life (Clothes and jewellery, religion and gods, houses and food, rhyme and writing or arts and crafts). After collecting their facts, they made a poster to share what they had learnt with the other groups.


Behind the scenes

Filming is in full swing! Take a look at our pictures for a sneaky preview of what’s been going on behind the scenes. 


Anti-Bullying Week 2021

All week, we have focused on being kind to each other. In our house assembly, we created a whole school paper chain full of messages of kindness. Through role play, we learnt all about reading emotions, thinking about our facial expressions and body language and what we can do if someone is feeling unhappy. 

Maths Week England 2021

What a fantastic week we had bringing maths to life! We kicked off the week with a zoom lesson discovering some maths magic, solving puzzles and looking at different maths challenges. Our next zoom lesson involved tessellating shapes inspired by Escher then we ended the week taking part in the 'Mathematics World Cup' where we had to put our times tables knowledge to the test whilst getting fit through physical activities. 

The children were thoroughly engaged all week and had lots of mathematics fun!

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