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What have we been doing in class?

Autumn 1

This term our class topic is How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth and we will be learning all about the Stone Age! Have a look at our topic overview to see what we will be doing this term...

Fab Finish

Today, we baked some yummy Stone Age treats -  Paleolithic biscuits!  
They turned out a little crispier, and had a little more rise in them than we were hoping for, but the children had great fun making them

Star Carr

Star Carr is a site in Yorkshire. Archaeologists have found lots of objects that people left behind from the Mesolithic period of the Stone Age.  In class, we created a pop up settlement site of Star Carr to inform people what life would have been like during this time.

Woolly Mammoths

Thank you to everyone who sent in milk bottles for us to use. We made some fantastic, hairy, woolly mammoths by using tissue paper and different materials. This lesson crossed over with our English lesson of how to read and follow a set of instructions. We then evaluated our woolly mammoths.

Cave paintings

We have been learning about the history of cave paintings. We explored the shapes, patterns and colours that were used to create them. We then recreated some of own cave paintings using oil pastels. Using our imaginations, we travelled back to the Stone Age and pretended our tables were the caves. 

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