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Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a useful tool to help children feel safe and calm. It can help them to focus, make good decisions and regulate their emotions. 

If you are feeling a little worried or anxious, take some time to relax and think about your own wellbeing. Have a go at one our mindful activities. 

Cosmic Yoga

Cosmic Yoga is an interactive adventure which builds strength, balance and confidence. Each episode has its own story to explore. Choose one of the Cosmic Yoga videos to follow and instantly feel relaxed and calm.


Benefits of Yoga for Young Children:

  • Yoga helps children manage their anxiety. 
  • Yoga improves children's emotional regulation. 
  • Yoga boosts children's self-esteem. 
  • Yoga increases children's body awareness and mindfulness. 
  • Yoga enhances children's concentration and memory. 
  • Yoga develops children's strength and flexibility.
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