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Week 1 Commencing 1.11.21

Week 1 Commencing 1.11.21 

The children had a wonderful first week back and returned to school well rested and ready to learn. They have loved  their phonics this week with the Red Group starting to learn letters. They have learnt to read, write and sound out s,a,t and p. Next week we will enjoy arranging the letters to make words and start learning how to blend the sounds into  words. We will also  be working on writing the letters and labelling our pictures. Homework sheets for each letter we learn will go home each night in line with when we learn new sounds. Some days we will just be consolidating our learning and playing games with the letters so you won;t receive a new sheet each day. Please ask your child each   what they did in Phonics and when you get a new worksheet please complete it.

The Yellow group have been continuing their learning by learning more two letter digraphs . They have learnt ou and oy  and practised segmenting words to spell.


In Maths we enjoyed learning the names and properties of 2D shapes. We went on shape hunts, played games with shapes, made rockets and things using shapes  and did lots of shape printing. Well done Little Conkers 


We ahve all enjoyed learning about the Seasons and what each one feels and looks like. They made some lovely seasons trees to reflect the changing weather.


In Topic we learnt about Firework Night and where it originated from. We learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we use fireworks on Novemebr the 5th. In P.E they did firework dances and learnt to make dance movements  using the same movements again. Well done everyone.  

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