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Wednesday 7th July

Good morning boys and girls at home! Well done for so far, completing nearly a week of home learning - you are all superstars! We have just two days left until we can see you back in class. Keep up the hard work!


1. Please ask someone at home to test on your spellings from last week.

2. Go through the PowerPoint to learn your new spellings.

3. Complete the word search and the handwriting tasks for your spelling group.


1. Log on to Bug Club.

2. Click on 'My Stuff' and open up the story 'While I am sleeping (Part 2)'.

3. Read the rest of the story. 

4. Now have a think about the jobs people do whilst you are in school. Complete the comprehension activity 'While I am at school...'.


To warm up, start by practising the times tables you are currently focusing on. You could count in steps, access TTRockstars for 10 minutes or ask someone at home to ask you questions to see what you can remember. 


For the main lesson you will be completing Lesson 3: Equivalent Fractions (3) on Power Maths. Please do the following:

1. Log in to Bug Club.

2. Click on 'My stuff' and then click on 'Power Maths'.

3. What the video 'Unit 10, Lesson 3: Equivalent Fractions'.

4. Open up Lesson 3 - Equivalent Fractions (3). Change the page layout to 'single page view'.

5. Complete the questions on the discover page and then turn to the share page to go through your answers.

6. Complete the next two pages: Think together and the Challenge questions.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Last week, you did a marvellous job of designing your own Wellbeing Monster. I loved finding out about the positive messages they gave to Egmo.

Today, we are learning all about trust. 

1. Watch the video

2. Go through the PowerPoint to find out what trust is and how to be trustworthy. 

3. Open up the activity sheet and create a Wellbeing Monster to promote trust. I would love to put this work in your Golden Books so please be as neat as possible and try your best. 


Try to also get some exercise, either inside or in the garden. You could do a Joe Wicks PE session, have another go at following Mr Motivator from last week or make your own home workout.

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