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Wednesday 30th June


1. Please ask someone at home to test on your spellings from last week.

2. Go through the PowerPoint to learn your new spellings.

3. Complete the word search and the handwriting tasks for your spelling groups.


1. Please load the fractions activity to practise finding fractions of shapes. Look at the shape and see how any equal parts are shaded then choose the correct fraction.

2. Complete the fractions of a shape worksheet.

Bug Club

Please choose one of your books to read and complete the quiz questions as you go along.

Wellbeing Wednesday

1. Who did Egmo meet as an egg and after he hatched? What positive skills and values did they teach us along the way to help us with our own wellbeing? Open the PowerPoint and remind yourselves of our Wellbeing journey.


2. Exciting news, another monster has just moved into Monstro-city! Who could it be? What is their name? What do they look like? What does their house look like? What value or skill do they teach Egmo?


Your job is to create a new monster for Egmo to meet. Think about the what the new monster will teach Egmo. Will he teach him about kindness, respect or friendship? Will he teach him about resilience and perseverance and the importance of not giving up? When you have designed your monster, you need to write a positive message that your monster can share with Egmo and the class. You can do this on a plain piece of paper. As an added bonus, draw the house that your monster will live in. 

P.E with Mr Motivator

Follow the link and choose at least 3 of the physical activities to do with Mr Motivator.

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