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Wednesday 24th

Wednesday 24th February  

Good morning Sycamore class. 

Here are the activities I would like you to complete today.

I suggest trying to do the English and Maths in the morning. You can print the work if you want to or you can read from the screen and answer on paper. Please save anything you do to bring into school once we are back so we can have a look at it. You can also ask your grown-ups to e-mail photos of your work to me each day if you want.


1) English


Your task today is to write a story all about the magic sunflower. Read the story starter in the Resources section and then carry on the story.

  • Where will Lucy go?
  • Will she come back?
  • Will she like it or will she be scared?
  • How will the story end?


2) Maths


Spend 10-15 minutes on your Times Table Rockstar account. (If you need a specific table, let me know) 


Open up the mental maths activity and complete the challenges. 


Today we will be exploring 3 different types of triangles. Click the link below to follow a BBC Bitesize video about the properties of each triangle. Make sure you know the difference between each triangle before you move on to the activity. Once you are ready to move on, open up the resource called ‘types of triangles’ and complete the activity. After that, open up the resource ‘Triangles mastery’ and complete the left hand side of questions. (For some reason they have been doubled up)



3) Spellings


It’s test day! Mrs Brammer will test you on your spellings during the morning Zoom lesson.

Listen carefully to the group you are in so you know which words you need to write down. After the lesson, you can ask an adult to mark them and tell us your scores during the afternoon Zoom lesson. Below, you will find the new rule for your new spellings.


4) French


Today in French you will be recapping how to say the days of the week. Open up the powerpoint presentation and move through it learning about the days of the week in French. After that, open up the ‘French Days of the Week’ activity and follow the instructions.


5) PE


It’s Wednesday so that means it will be crazy dancing on the zoom this afternoon… practice your best moves for later on.

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