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W/C 1st February

Science week

This week is science week. Every day there will be a different science lesson. For 4 out of 5 of the lessons, you will be carrying out a science experiment at home. Here is a list of the things you will need for each day:


Monday (skeleton)

Website links and resources are on the class webpage


(Egg drop investigation)

Box of raw eggs, Newspaper, A roll of paper towel, straws, old socks, balloons, string, fabric, scissors and masking tape (or anything you can find around the house)

Wednesday (dissolving)

Water, transparent container, substances to dissolve e.g. sand, sugar, coffee, salt, etc. 



A large bowl, food colouring, water, cornflower


(keeping drinks hot)

4 cups that are the same as each other (same thickness and size), Hot water (or hot chocolate),  A thermometer (if you have one), Materials to wrap around each mug (e.g. tin foil, tea towel or cloth, bubble wrap or cling film, cotton wool, scarf, paper towels, newspaper, toilet paper, plastic food bag)

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