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Tuesday 6th July

Good Morning Year 3. I am looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom later!


Today we would like you try and work your way through these activities:



For Maths today, start by practising the times tables you are currently focusing on. You could count in steps, access TTRockstars for 10 minutes or ask someone at home to ask you questions to see what you can remember. 


For your main lesson you will be completing Lesson 2: Equivalent Fractions (2) on Power Maths. Please do the following:

1. Log in to Bug Club.

2. Click on 'My stuff' and then click on 'Power Maths'.

3. What the video 'Unit 10, Lesson 2: Equivalent Fractions'.

4. Open up Lesson 2 - Equivalent Fractions (2). Change the page layout to 'single page view'.

5. Complete the questions on the discover page and then turn to the share page to go through your answers.

6. Complete the next two pages: Think together and the Challenge questions.



Starter: begin by clicking on this link to revise adverbs. Watch the clip and then join in with the Supermovers dance.

Find out about Adverbs


This term we have been learning all about Chocolate in our Food Glorious Food topic. Today I'd like you read the example instructions below called 'Making Chocolate'. Get some pencil crayons or felt tips, find each of the following things and underline them in a different colour.

  • heading
  • subheading
  • numbered points
  • imperative (bossy) verbs
  • coordinating conjunctions: and

Then I'd like you to improve these instructions by adding an adverb of time to the beginning of each step in the method. Refer to yesterday's lesson to remind yourself about adverbs of time.



In school we always have 15 minutes reading time after lunch. I'd like you to spend 15 minutes reading to yourself or to a grown up at home. You can read your school book, choose a book from your bug club allocations or read a book from home. Make sure you write in your reading diary for dojos once you are back in school.



Last week we made our chocolate bars that we designed to make and sell. Today I'd like you to create a poster which can be used as an advert for your chocolate bar. It will need to include the name of your chocolate bar, a picture, some information such as ingredients or flavours and a price. Try to think about your presentation and use bright colours to make it eye-catching. Send me a photo when you are finished!


Try to also get some exercise, either inside or in the garden. You could do a Joe Wicks PE session or make your own home workout.

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