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Tuesday 2nd March

Good Morning Year 3!


Here are the activities we would like you to complete today. You can choose what order you do the activities in, but we suggest trying to do the English and Maths in the morning. You can print the work if you want to or you can read from the screen and answer on paper. Please save anything you do to bring into school once we are back so we can have a look at it. You can also ask your grown-ups to e-mail a copy to us each day.


Start your day with Chapter 2 of Mindfulness for Children...


1) English

Today you’ll need to watch and listen to the next 3 chapters of George’s Marvellous Medicine:

Chapter 3 – George Begins to Make the Medicine, read by Mrs Downings

Chapter 4 – Animal Pills, read by Miss Kime

Chapter 5 – The Cook-up, read by Miss Hartshorn


You can listen to them all in one go, or you can start your activity after either Chapter 3 or 4. In these chapters George goes round his house looking for ingredients to put in his medicine. He chooses Goldengloss Hair Shampoo from the bathroom, Lipstick from the bedroom, Waxwell floor polish from the laundry room, a tin of curry powder from the kitchen, animal pills from the shed, engine oil from the garage and lots more.


Your job is to write your own marvellous recipe using things you can find around your house. There is a sheet called 'George's Marvellous Recipe' for you to list your ingredients with 3 options – choose the one you think will suit you best. Remember, we are only pretending, we don’t want you to actually make your marvellous medicine!


2) Maths - Multiplication and division 

Lesson 7 - Using the inverse operation to find missing numbers (


What can you remember about inverse operations? Take the quiz to find out.

This lesson will use our knowledge of multiplication and division 'fact families' in order to find the missing number in a range of questions.


In the resources below, you will find the worksheet to complete whilst you are listening to Miss Brinkworth and a missing numbers worksheet to complete after the lesson.


3) Spellings

Which method of practising your spellings works best for you? It is test day tomorrow so spend at least 15 minutes today practising your spellings in your own way. Will you write them in rainbow colours? Do you like drawing a picture to help you learn your spellings? Do you look for words within your words? Perhaps you play a game using your spellings? 


4) Topic – Science

Today we will be moving on from last week’s lesson on the parts of the plant, to looking at the parts and functions of the flower, specifically the male and female parts.  Click the link below to follow the online lesson. You will need some paper, a pencil or pen, a ruler and some colouring pencils or felt tips.


 5) Yoga Quest

(If you cannot fit this in before the zoom lesson, you can complete it after the lesson.)

We have made it to the Winter Wonderland! What a journey so far! Our first visit in Winter Wonderland is to Pedro the Penguin. 

Pedro the Penguin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube

Don't forget to download your new map. 

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