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Thursday 8th July

Woohoo! You have made it to the final day of home learning - well done boys and girls! Please bring your work with you when you come into school tomorrow. We can't wait to see you! 


Practise your spellings by completing the activities:

Lions - Letter tiles

Elephants - Crack the code


Warm up -  start by practising the times tables you are currently focusing on. You could count in steps, access TTRockstars for 10 minutes or ask someone at home to ask you questions to see what you can remember. 


Today, we are going to learn to compare fractions.

1. Click on the link to watch the video clip 'recognising and comparing fractions'.

2. Click on 'Comparing fractions'  below to find out more.

3. Complete the activity. 


Topic - Food is a Mood

You have learnt a lot about healthy eating and ensuring you have a balanced diet. We have also discussed how some foods have an impact on your mood and mental health. Have a think about which foods can help make you feel good and happy and which foods might put you in a mood.

1. Watch the video to remind yourselves 'what is a balanced diet?'. 

2. Complete the activity then choose one of the mindful colouring sheets. 



1.Go through the PowerPoint to remind yourself of some foods in French.

2. Complete the food matching activity.


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