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Thursday 4th March

It's World Book Day!


Here are the activities we would like you to complete today. You can choose what order you do the activities in, but we suggest trying to do the English and Maths in the morning. You can print the work if you want to or you can read from the screen and answer on paper. Please save anything you do to bring into school once we are back so we can have a look at it. You can also ask your grown-ups to e-mail a copy to us each day.


Start your day with Chapter 4 of Mindfulness for Children...


1) English - Today is WORLD BOOK DAY!

We have a slightly different task for you today, but at some point during the day, try to listen to the next 3 chapters of George’s Marvellous Medicine:

Chapter 9 – The Pig, the Bullocks, the Sheep, the Pony and the Nanny Goat read by Mr Tupman

Chapter 10 – A Crane for Grandma read by Mrs Newman

Chapter 11 – Mr Kranky’s Great Idea read by Miss Quick


Your main task is all about Tom Fletcher (author and McFly star). Start by clicking on the ‘There’s a Wolf in your Book’ and read the extract aloud.


Then follow the link to the World Book Day website and watch Tom’s video all about Interactive Picture Books.


Then complete Tom’s challenge by coming up with your own character for a ‘Who’s in your Book?’ story. Decide who or what your character is and draw a picture of them. Then decide what adventure they could go on and write some sentences about it.


2) Maths - Multiplication and division

Lesson 9 - Using factors and products to solve division problems (


To start the lesson, you can either take the introductory quiz or spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars. If you choose to play TTRS, press skip quiz.


In this lesson we will be using and applying known facts around fact families, multiples and factors to solve problems.


Below, you will find the worksheet you need for this lesson. There is also a worksheet for after the lesson called ‘Finding factors’. There are three levels of ability to choose from. If today’s lesson wasn’t challenging enough, try the 3 stars activity.


 3) Spellings

Can you find your spellings that are hidden in the word search? Did you time yourself last week? Time yourself again and see if you can beat last week's time to complete the word search. 




Today is work book day so for today’s topic lesson I am asking you to make your own mini book on any topic that you like.


Start by watching the video tutorial on how to make a mini book out of A4 paper.


After that, choose your topic:

  • A story book
  • A fact book on something that interests you (e.g. plants, pandas, China)
  • An autobiography about you, or a biography about someone else.

Remember to use plenty of colour to capture the reader’s interest and also neat, clear handwriting.



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