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Thursday 1st July


Practise your spellings by completing the activities:

Lions - Mr Whoops Juggling Muddle

Elephants - Write a sentence for each of your spellings. Can you put more than one of your spellings in just one sentence?


In School we have been reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as our class Novel. We have just got to the part in the story where Charlie finds a golden ticket! Today we'd like you to design your very own golden ticket and invitation to visit the chocolate factory! You can write the information on the front or back of the golden ticket. Remember to include the following:


  • what the recipient is being invited to (a tour of the factory, a lifetime supply of chocolate, sneak peeks of new inventions...)
  • where it is
  • when it is (date and time)
  • any extra information you can think of


We'd love to see your tickets on Zoom later!


1. You will need to login to Bug Club.

2. Click on 'My stuff' then click on 'Power Maths'.

3. What the video 'Efficient Methods of addition and subtraction'.

4. Open up Lesson 5 - Adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers and tens. Change the page layout to 'single page view'. Click the button at the bottom of the page (see picture below).


5. Complete the questions on the discover page then turn to the share page to go through your answers.

6. Complete the next two pages - Think together and the Challenge questions.

Topic - Fairtrade

1. What is Fairtrade? Read the PowerPoint to find out about Fairtrade.

2. Complete the food sorting activity - Is it grown in the UK or abroad? The answers are on the last page but please try to complete the task without looking at the answers then you can use the answers to see if you are correct. 


Follow the link to learn about food in French. Watch the animations, listen to the foods in French and repeat them out loud. Have a go at the quiz at the end of the lesson to find out what you've learnt.

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