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Thursday 11th

Good Morning! How are you going to relax when you have finished all your work today?


Here are the activities we would like you to complete today. You can choose what order you do the activities in, but we suggest trying to do the English and Maths in the morning. You can print the work if you want to or you can read from the screen and answer on paper. Please save anything you do to bring into school once we are back so we can have a look at it. You can also ask your grown-ups to e-mail a copy to us each day.


1) English

Today’s lesson is all about reading. You will be thinking about these things:

  • different books you can remember reading since the first book you remember sharing with a grown up
  • the sorts of books you like to read
  • where you like to read
  • who you like to read with

You will then be using this to design your own reading river. Watch the lesson to find out how to do this.


Here is the link to your lesson:


2) Maths - Geometry

Lesson 4:

  • Warm up: using lego/bricks/junk modelling can you make 3D shapes? Can you challenge yourself to make a model of a building and identify the 3D shapes you have used? I would love to see some photographs. 
  • Bitesize lesson 4:

Learning focus - Learn how to sort 2D and 3D shapes and think deeply about their properties.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • two activities (worksheets are included in the resources below)
  • an interactive game at the end


3) Spellings

Use your spelling patterns and rules to find all your spellings hidden in the word search.


4) Topic

For topic today we will be exploring the story behind Chinese New Year. Click this link to watch a Cbeebies video all about it. After that, open up the ‘Stick Puppets’ resource. You can cut these out and tape them onto cocktails sticks, straws, rolled up pieces of paper, lolly sticks (anything you have to hand at home) to create your own set of stick puppets. Once you have done this, act out the story with someone at home. Maybe you could film it and send it to me so we can share it on our zoom.


5) Yoga Quest

Wow! I loved our adventure through Desert George. Let’s keep going through the Rumbly Jungle.  The first character we will meet is Stezzi the parrot. You will need a new map to tick off the places you visit in the jungle.



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