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Well done everyone who has worked so hard and done so much learning over the last few weeks. It has been wonderful to get your regular pictures and posts on Tapestry. Thank you. 

Have a look below at just a few photos from your work.

Super well done Everyone.



For the Easter holidays there will not be a plan; it is a holiday. Enjoy your children, family and time playing together. If however, you would like some ideas of things to do, ( these are a choice, no obligation),  I have attached some documents below with Easter Maths , Easter learning, Spring activities etc. I also thought the children might like to make Easter cards and do some Easter cooking and baking.  This week and last a few children have already  been baking. Florence has been making biscuits, William a delicious looking cake,  Harry Z  has made his own butter ( inspired by the farm clips) and  Millie has made some wonderful hot cross buns which   inspired me to do the same. 

I wondered if the children might like to bake their favourite treat, take some photos, write out the recipe and then I will share them on here for everyone else to try too. We could have a Little Conkers' Bake Off … virtually. smiley



Happy Easter everyone. The next plan will be on here the weekend of 18th April.


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A little message from me. I have posted a video message to you all on Tapestry. Please have a look. Take care my Little Conkers. xx


Home Learning Planner Week 2 Commencing 30.3.20


Thank you so much to everyone who has been posting their learning and work on to their Tapestry journal. I have been looking and writing on each of them. Keep it up.

If you have forgotten your password or need help to re engage with tapestry send me an email; 



Please try to read with your child each day; 5 or 10  minutes is enough to keep them progressing.


I have written a full plan but you don't have to do everything on it. Pick what you can. Please don't overload or over work the children. they would have lots of time to play whilst in class usually and they should have the same with you. Happy children will learn. 


Thank you for all that you are doing.



Wednesday 25th March 

Are there any changes? Look at the colour of the chrysalis, the shape and the texture. There are 4 hung to the top of the pot and 1 that has chrysalised on the bottom. How are they different? 


Write and post your comments on Tapestry. 



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Picture 3

Little Conkers, the caterpillars have got a new my home. I will take a picture each day and post it for you to look at so you can watch their metamorphosis. You could  talk and write about the changes each day in your writing book. 


Tuesday 24th March. 





Home Learning Week beginning 23.3.20

Hello everyone. Thank you for checking the class page and finding out how to help your child continue to learn each day . I am very sad to not be the one helping your child but am sure that together, through you accessing my plans and activities and then delivering their learning, they will continue to grow and blossom.


  I have prepared packs of work that will be sent home with your child on Friday. These include phonics sheets, maths activities and a writing book.  I will post a weekly lesson and topic plan on here that will include activities and learning related to the theme for the week. Please ensure your child does some learning and work every day to keep their brains active and engaged and ready to learn when school resumes.  


I have written a daily timetable that may help you and your child to maintain a routine and structure over this period. Please use if you wish or adopt your own.


Please ensure you read with your child  every day,  as this is essential in helping them  to learn to read and access all future learning. 


Epic Early Years website are posting a series of practical ways you can  teach your child each Sunday evening and which will be worth checking out. 


Also worth noting is that The National Trust are opening all of their  parks and lands up . free of charge during this period so please use them as part of the children's outside play time scheduled each day. 



Activities for next week will be posted tomorrow.


Suggested daily  routine is posted below. 

The timetable of work for next week is attached below. Please do what you can. 

Please ensure you read with your child for at least 15 minutes EVERY DAY.  I will post websites and ;inks for sites that will give access to online reading materials as the weeks progress. For now, please read the school reading books.


A wonderful resources that is already offering free access is  . Please enter the username : march20  and the password: home   . This site also has decodeable comic books to read on   


I will post new timetable each week. 


Please use Tapestry to upload any pictures you take of your child working and of their work, on to their account. I can access it from my side and can see their progress. Enter a ' new observation' and follow the link to upload media content. 


Keep well and keep safe. Missing them all, already. 


Ms Crombleholme

Welcome to Term 4 and our topic of Lifecycles. 


Please see below for the curricululm overview.


Learning to Read and Write


We teach the phonics phases through Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 , if needed. We use  the Department of Education document, Letters and Sounds to guide us and use a variety of fun, active and engaging resources such as Jolly Phonics which help teach children in a multi sensory way.  For more details about jolly phonics please click the link below. 


Our main reading scheme is  Oxford Reading Tree, however we supplement this with other fiction and non- fiction books regularly, to ensure children become confident, capable and fluent readers.  Please click the link below for further details.


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are expected to share their book with a grown up daily. The more frequently you share their reading experience, the more confident they become.


For more information regarding Phonics please see our Phonics Coordinator Miss Crombleholme or the Literacy Coordinator Mrs Tamkin.

Welcome back to a new term in The Little Conkers' Class. Our topic this term is Winter Wonderland. 

We will be learning about all about Winter in England, The Arctic and The Antarctic. We will think about the land, climate, environment, animals, people and more. We will consider how to keep ourselves and animals warm and comfortable in Winter.


We will be using lots of our Project 25 values and skills throughout the term to make a Winter Wonderland museum where there will be models of Buxworth, The Arctic and The Antarctic,  examples of lots we have learnt and many interactive exhibits. Please come and look at our museum on share in our learning on Tuesday 11th February from 2.45pm.  




For more details please see our curriculum overview  below. 



We have thoroughly enjoyed our topic this term and learnt lots. The children started by learning about their local environment, Buxworth and naming all of the geographical landmarks around. We went on walks around the village and then came back and made the village using junk modelling materials. 


The following week we learnt about the woodland environment and in particular all of the animals. They were really interested in those that hibernate. We used lots of materials to make the animals and particularly enjoyed using clay. 


Week 3 saw us learning about The Arctic . We learnt about the terrain, the weather and the animals. The children amazed me how much they learnt and could recall weeks later. 


Week 4 we looked at the film Frozen and enjoyed learning and writing about the characters, they loved making Olaf biscuits. 


On our final week we used The Polar Express as a stimulus. The children wrote a plan of what they would like to learn which included finding out about different trains, going on journeys and learning about snow and ice. Of course, we did it all.


We went on a journey to London  and learn about different landmarks. The children did some amazing art work and writing about Big Ben, Tower Bridge and The Tower of London. On a different day we went on a journey to Paris; we learnt French greetings, painted pictures in an impressionist style and sampled lots of French food at our ' French Café.'  We carried out a super investigation with big ice balls, placing them around the classroom and outside to see what happened to them. 


It was all very exciting. 


We finished our topic by preparing for our winter Wonderland event when our parents and grandparents came to see our work. The children all LOVED showing off their work. 



Week 6 Beginning 9.12.19

The children had a wonderful penultimate week working and playing hard. They performed brilliantly in their first nativity , Higgledy, Piggledy Stable in St James' Church, in front of a massive crowd. I was very impressed with their confidence and courage. They all sang and acted brilliantly.




We continued learning and using our phonics to write letters to Santa. I was very impressed with how everybody thought of what they would like to ask Santa for, listened to the sounds in the words and wrote them down. 


On Thursday we had a fantastic time walking along the canal in to Whaley Bridge to post our letters. Along the way we learnt so many new things  about different trees, bridges, why things echo, how many steps there are on the bridge over the canal and more. We all bought a nice treat from the bakery and were beautifully polite to the ladies who served us. We walked back to the canal basin and ate our cakes before feeding the ducks and then walking back to school. The children were amazing and I was very proud of them.



The wedding was in St James' Church and was performed brilliantly by Reverend John., whom we thank massively for donating his services to help our children learn. 


All of the children loved dressing up and they  looked brilliant; they performed their roles perfectly and enjoyed the whole experience. Furthermore they showed off their wonderful foxtrot dancing at the wedding breakfast, immediately followed by one of their favourites: Baby Shark.


Well done Little Conkers.


The children have been working really hard on their phonics and have now learnt the letters and sounds for s,a,t,p,i,n,d and m. They always enjoy waking their phonics fingers up with some 'Dough Disco' to music. Tey have learnt actions, songs,  letter formation rhymes and how to form the letters correctly. They have even started to read words and hear lots of sounds.

Well done Little Conkers.   


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PCSO Karen Green and PCSO Wilson came in to class to see if they could solve the crime of who trashed the classroom / world with lots of rubbish and waste a couple of weeks ago? The children  told them how they had written incident reports and used the  question words what, where, when , how and why to try to work it out. Everyone enjoyed dressing up as police officers to solve the crime.





In Forest School the children enjoyed looking for different shapes, colours and natural items and using them to make art.  Some children pursued their interest with making minibeast houses, decorating sticks they found or  tying knots. Everybody enjoyed the outdoors environment.



On Thursday we went on a walk to Tesco to recycle the rubbish that had been left. We talked about all of the different things we could recycle. Later we went in to Tesco to look at how much plastic was used in a shop and we tried to find ways to reduce the amount of plastic we used. the children were fantastic at realising  how they could buy their fruit and vegetables loose instead of pre packaged.



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Term 4

This term our topic in Marvellous Minibeasts. Please see the attached curriculum Overview for more details.


Curricululm Overview and Information Letter

Week 6 Commencing 1.4.19


What a wonderful, enterprising, hardworking, creative and inspiring class I have.

The children used and demonstrated skills in communication, creativity, positivity, organisation, initiative, problem solving and masses of positivity and resilience to plan, organise, prepare and then deliver their Minibeast Mayhem afternoon.


They provided 10 different activities for their parents and the children from The Horse Chestnuts class. These were: minibeast colouring; making a minibeast garden out of tissue paper and pastel crayons; making a minibeast biscuit; making a healthy eating minibug out of salad and vegetables; paint a bee, doing a minibeast hunt, making a minibeast out of construction and  out of clay; move like a minibeast on the mats and find out about minibeasts at the information desk. Everybody was confident, chatty and totally in charge of their activity. I was very proud of everybody.



Well done Little Conkers.

Week Beginning 25.3.19

In Forest School the children displayed the wonderful skills they have been developing in emotional intelligence; working together, listening to each other; having empathy for others and solving problems together. They worked on minibeast hunts where they looked for different minibeasts, taking care to replace all turned over logs and rocks. They made minibeast houses because they wanted them to be warm and cosy and they tied granny knots and tied sticks together. They all had a fantastic time.



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Week Beginning 18.3.19

Well, what a busy week we've had already, and it's only Wednesday!

The children have been learning about snails and slugs this week. They've learnt lots of facts and written superb information cards. They also enjoyed independently making snail biscuits.



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Picture 10

In Forest School the children went on a minibeast hunt. They chose their partners and worked together to hunt for different minibeasts. They had already learnt where different minibeasts like to live, so they knew where to look. It was SOOOOO exciting when they found minibeasts on their hunt sheet. The children could hardly contain themselves!!!



In Maths we've been learning to compare lengths and measure using cubes and footprints. We've even moved on to making our own rulers and measuring in cms!



Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4

Week 3 Commencing 11.3.19

This week our focus has been worms. smiley

The children were fantastic at looking at the picture instructions and some read the sentences on how to make a  wormery. They all helped collect the ingredients and then make it. They had great fun looking for worms, who were a little reluctant to be found!



We enjoyed the book Mad About Minibeasts and talked about all of the different minibeasts we knew. The children did some beautiful art work using pastels drawing minibeast pictures. They also used tissue paper to collage gardens for the clay worms they had made.




The children also started to design and make their own minibeasts using construction pieces.




Some children thought about what their minibeast would be called, where it would live and what it would eat. They labelled their minibeast.



In Maths we all learnt to measure using non standard units: cubes. It was good fun.










Week 2 Term 4



This week we welcomed some very tiny caterpillars in to our class and we have been watching them grow.  The children have been measuring how long they are each day and filling in a chart.


We have used The Very Hungry Caterpillar as our story focus and enjoyed learning the story. We all completed a Very Hungry Caterpillar maths activity booklet spending time learning about repeating patterns, size, addition and of course symmetry whilst painting butterflies.


We used caterpillars and butterflies to inspire our art work and made some wonderful pieces of art.


Picture 1
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We have done some amazing writing about our favourite part of The Very Hungry Caterpillar story which is on a display outside the office. Please go and have a look.


We had a wonderful World Book Day on Thursday and all enjoyed sharing our favourite stories. We  also drew pictures and wrote what we liked about the stories. We all LOVED dressing up in our favourite book characters.



On Friday we enjoyed the first of many yoga sessions I and Diane will be leading with our class. On the whole we are a very active class, so on Friday we started to learn the other skill of balance, calmness and how to be mindful using toys, games and physical skills.






Term 4  Week 1


This week our focus has been ladybirds. The children have learnt lots of facts such as what they look like, how many legs they have, where they live and what they like too eat.  Some children have done some wonderful independent art work making ladybirds.



Picture 1
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Picture 5

We have also been learning about what plants and seeds need to grow. We have planted bean seeds. Over the coming weeks the children will be tending their own seeds to see if they can make them grow.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This week the children have enjoyed practising their blending  for reading skills by playing bingo.





They have also learnt how to order numbers 0-20 , add  two groups of objects together and read maths stories.




Week 6 Commencing 11.2.19

This week the children enjoyed a trip to The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. We used lots of public transport to get to and from the museum; enjoying the sights and sounds of a big city. We went in to Piccadilly Station, where the children were quite amazed by how busy it was and how many people there were. We took the public bus and then walked along Deansgate to get to the museum.  

The children absolutely loved the museum;  they learnt about lots of old engines,  including the first steam engine, Stephenson's  Rocket, which paved the way for the modern railway. They spent an hour in the Experience Gallery where they all enjoyed hands on science and they all LOVED eating their packed lunches. All in all, we had a fantastic, busy day out.


Thank you so much to our volunteer helpers Laura, Rebecca and Miss Puri.


In Forest School the children were  thinking about what was in our Eco Area now so we can  make plans about what we would like to plant and how we would like it to look in the future. To help them work out what is currently there the children made a journey page, by sticking natural things they found as they journeyed around the area.






Week 5 Commencing 4.2.19

 This week the children enjoyed a superb trip to Whaley Bridge Fire and Rescue Station.

We walked along the canal, and through the village to the station. We found out what the Fire Service do and what we should do if we find ourselves in an emergency situation. We had a look at the clothing fire fighters wear and then we had a play in the fire engine and with the fire hoses. Everyone had a great time.



Week 4 Commencing 28.1.19


 What a fun week we had this week, learning lots and enjoying the snow.


Our topic focus was aeroplanes which the children learnt about using books and videos. They chose to further their learning in numerous ways; some children wrote about the planes in our story book; some painted pictures and others collaged planes.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

In Maths the children learnt how to compare groups of objects, using multi links cubes and the hungry crocodile greater than sign. Later in the week they learnt how to compare numbers and were fantastic working with abstract numbers and greater and less than symbols.



We all enjoyed the snow this week. The children were very excited to come back after the snow day and tell me all about what they had done. As there was still so much snow around we went out and played again, learning what snow was, what it was like and using our senses to experience it.  When we came back we showed our learning in different ways. Some children made snowflakes, using lots of fine motor skills,  and wrote describing words on them; other children painted pictures and some wrote about their experiences.


Next week we are learning about emergency vehicles and on Thursday we will be going on our trip to Whaley Bridge Fire Station to see the fire engines and ambulances. Look out for a letter with further details.


We are rearranging our trip to MOSI for Wednesday 13th February. All other details will remain the same.

Week 3 Commencing 21.1.19

The children did lots of wonderful learning this week, in lots of fun ways.

In Phonics they played Twister , with different phonemes written on the dice and spots that they had to step or balance on. Whilst learning the digraph 'ch', they made a train which they put lots of 'ch. ch ch' digraphs all over. Some children learnt the 'igh' trigraph and spent time in exploring and playing in the 'light and bright' box. They then wrote igh words on a picture and decorated them with light and bright materials.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

The children are still enjoying lots of child initiated learning which they spend in all of the areas. Lots of children love to be outside. One little girl cleverly discovered and reinforced her learning about forces and pushes by building a marble run and tipping water down it to see if the marble moved any quicker.


Some other children spent lots of time transporting water from the water wall tray to a box, which they then used to push objects down the drainpipes on water.




Next Wednesday we have our trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. Please don't take your children to school on Wednesday morning rather straight to Whaley Bridge train station by 9. 05. Collection is from the station at 3.29pm. Please refer to the letters for what to wear and bring.

Week 2 Commencing 14.1.19

The children had a superb week learning lots. In Phonics both groups moved on to Phase 3 with the Red group learning j,v,w and x. The Rainbow group learnt the phonemes ar,ear,oa and ow. In Maths the children were amazing at how quickly and well they learnt to count backwards. We counted backwards from 5, 10 and even 20! They used lots of concrete objects to understand and order the numbers as they counted backwards.





In Forest School we started doing a bird survey, as part of the RSPB Big School Birdwatch survey. The children learnt to identify different birds and listen to their calls using the interactive whiteboard and then we went outside to do a survey of the birds in our Eco Area. We also made some bird cake, bird feeders to encourage more small birds in to the area.








During the week it was one of the little girl's birthday so the children put on a party for her   and everyone came. They were brilliant and very amusing as they all took on roles - the hostess, the helpers, the party guests and  the mischief makers. Everyone had a fun time.




Our topic focus this week was trains. We watched a superb video about them  and then everyone did some brilliant writing. Pictures will follow.   See the link below to watch it.





Week 1 Commencing 7.1.19

The children all came back to school well rested and ready to learn. We had a wonderful week enjoying our new topic, being back together and learning new things.

Phonics was fun and we learnt lots of new sounds including j,v,w, ar, or and oa. We used our phonics often to sound and spell everyday. The children are becoming excellent at 'toy talk' when we segment and blend words together.





In Maths they practised forming numbers correctly and then showing the value.



We all enjoyed P.E on Wednesday that was taught by Miss Heath, the teacher from Chapel High School. We were learning ball skills. We learnt how to throw , catch and manage a ball.






In Forest School we went on a hunt for signs of winter. We started by reading a lovely story called ' A Little Bit of Winter', and used it as an inspiration to find a little bit of winter ourselves. The children spent time using their senses of sight and sound  to hunt for things on their winter hunt sheet.





When they found things that weren't on their sheet, they wrote the words themselves. I was very impressed.


This week our topic focus was cars; we enjoyed listening and talking about the story Little Red Bumper Car . We used it as a stimulus to learn how to cross the road safely . We used Super Cat to teach us to ' Stop, Look, Listen and Think.' On Friday we put our learning in to action and practised crossing the road safely.



In Understanding of The World we learnt about the forces of pushing and pulling. We used them in the park, pushing and pulling the swings and on the bikes in the playground.








The children used their road safety and phonic knowledge to draw traffic lights and write stop and go to control the traffic!






The wedding ceremony was amazing, as were the children. They LOVED getting dressed up, having the ceremony in the church, in front of the whole school and the parents and also having the reception afterwards. Their dancing was beautiful and their cake eating was speedy!! They love a cake. smiley



Week 4 Commencing 26.11.8

In Maths this week the children spent time consolidating their learning and understanding of numbers 0-10. For those that were confident and wanted to they challenged themselves  with numbers 11-16. The children spent time counting, ordering,  learning correct number formation with songs, and understanding the value of each number. They showed their understanding by using numbers in all areas of the curriculum; for example counting out the number of tissue paper sheets needed to make a flower, counting the number of cars allowed for a race, ordering number cards and writing the missing numbers.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

In PE the children have been learning to move their bodies in different ways and travel in different ways. They crawled, hopped, walked, rolled, shuffled and slid. They learnt to travel in a combination of different ways between mats and then along equipment.

The children have been learning that a wedding  happens when two people love each other. They have learnt about who is in the ceremony and what happens and how as part of the ceremony the bride and groom make promises or vows to each other. The children talked about the promises they  would make to the people they love and then they wrote them down. They made some beautiful promises  such as "I will always love you", "I will always make you pictures", "I will always watch your things on the tele,"  and  one of my favourites "I will always make you pizza!".   Earlier in the week the children wrote invitations to people they would like to invite to the wedding and some children decorated them also. All of the children's writing will be available to look at after our wedding. 

They have been also  busy making flowers for the bouquets and to decorate the church.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

On Thursday we went to St James' Church to have a look around, learn about parts of a church and to have a little rehearsal before the big day on Wednesday. It was very exciting. 



Next week we will be making a wedding cake, practising our wedding dance and making our badges so everybody knows what our job is on the wedding day.


We are very pleased to announce that a very kind parent, who is a wedding photographer, has offered to take pictures of the event so please come dressed in your finest wedding clothes. smiley



Week 3 Commencing 19.11.18



Last week our focus was Birthdays; we had a superb week learning what a birthday was and talking about how we celebrate them. We worked hard all week  writing party invitations, writing lists of food we would like at a party, games we would play and teddies we would invite . On Friday , the children got their wish and they all brought in their teddy bear for a teddy bears' birthday party.


I was amazed and very proud at how much the children have already learnt in their phonics lessons. They showed their amazing writing skills when they wrote lists of food, games or toys they would like at the party.


The children spent time practising their communication and language skills; their maths, learning about knowledge and understanding of the world and working on the personal, social and emotional skills whilst making things for the party. They enjoyed making cakes where they were taking turns, listening to each others' ideas and thinking about how materials change when they  added heat and mixed them together. They learnt and used lots of maths language making sandwiches learning shapes, halves and quarters.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

In Forest School the children made a party for the animals that live there. They made cakes  using mud, leaves, twigs and anything they could find and decorations using string and natural materials.



On Friday we all brought our teddies in to school and had a super teddy bears' party.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Week 2 Commencing 12.11.19

This week our focus was Diwali.

The children learnt all about  how Diwali is celebrated by Hindu people and why it began.  We spent time listening to and watching shows of the  Rama and Sita story and many children enjoyed making masks to act out the story themselves. We used the story in our writing with everybody having a go at labelling pictures of the characters; some children even wrote a  sentence.  We took the Diwali theme in to Forest School  and the children chose either to make the characters out of leaves and sticks; make something from the story( one little girl made a decorated bridge like the monkey king made to get to Ravannna's island),  and other children chose to make diya lamps, like those used to light up the path of Rama and Sita on their journey back to their kingdom. We also learnt about rangoli patterns and all enjoyed colouring some using chalk and later in the week we made some Indian sweets and used all of our senses when investigating the ingredients , tasting them and then noticing how they changed when we heated them up.

 We all loved Diwali.




Diwali 1
Diwali 2
Diwali 3
Diwali 4
Diwali 5
Diwali 6
Diwali 7
Diwali 8
Diwali 9
Diwali 10
Diwali 11
Diwali 12
Diwali 13
Diwali 14
Diwali 15
Diwali 16
Diwali 17
Diwali 18
Diwali 19
Diwali 20
Diwali 21

We have lots of fun in phonics. We always use dance to start our lessons and help us make the letter shapes with our bodies before we try to write them. We sing songs, learn actions and learn letter formation. To consolidate our learning we try to make the lessons kinaesthetic. We enjoyed cracking lots of eggs and making scrambled egg when we were learning the phoneme 'e'!!!


Term 6


Welcome back to our final term for this academic year! I can't believe how quickly the year has flown by or how much fun we have all had. This term our topic is Julia Donaldson. We will be learning and enjoying lots of her stories and characters in a fun and creative way. Please see our Curriculum Overviews for more details. 


Mrs Somerville and I are really looking forward to enjoying  our last term with a wonderful class  doing lots of fantastic learning.  


Week 3 W/C 19.6.17


The children worked really hard to practice and perform an amazing Julia Donaldson assembly. They were all amazing and made Mrs Somerville and I very proud.


Also in the week we enjoyed lots of Gruffalo learning and activities.




Week 2 commencing 12.6.17


Last week we learnt the story Zog. We had great fun working together to talk about our favourite bits, to put the story in order and to draw picture maps. I am so proud of how the children work so well together.


The children also acted out the story and made it in to a show. They  were very independent and creative making their own costumes and organizing their own shows. Another example of how well they can work together independent of grown up help.






We also enjoyed making the characters.



We did lots of other learning too but of course found time to enjoy playing together.




The Year 1 boys creating a cascading torrent of water.... such fun, especially when it all whooshed up!



We learnt a lot about gravity and forces doing it.


We all loved David's Show and Tell.






Week 1 Commencing 5.6.17

Room on the Broom


This week the children learnt the story of  Room on the Broom. They used their listening ears and their 'talking to a partner about what they have just heard' skills really well. They worked in groups to draw a long picture map of the story which included all of the events in order. I was so impressed with how good the children are at working together in groups, working out which part each person in their group will do and then working, without any adult help, to produce fantastic pieces of work.






Following on from this the Reception children wrote sentences about their favourite parts of the story and the Year 1 children retold the story.


The children worked together to paint big pictures of the characters. They decided what colours they should use and again, they decided who would do what part.



The children enjoyed going to The Eco Area to make their own potions, just as they had done in the story. They collected things they would put in a cauldron. They children worked in groups and made some wonderful spells and potions.






They made wands too.



....and of course had a lovely play.



The children enjoyed making broomsticks .



And painting using computer programs.




On Thursday , Class 1 enjoyed a superb walk along the canal to Tescos. Everybody took their own money in to the shop, decided what they would like to buy, looked at the price and worked out if they had enough money. Then they each took their item to the self server check out, scanned their item and then paid for it. Everybody enjoyed collecting their receipt and change, which they put in to their pockets. Hopefully the parents found it!  Everybody enjoyed eating their treat of course.




To Infinity and Beyond Curriculum Overviews

Welcome back to a new term in Class 1.smiley

This half term our topic is Big and Little. We will be finding out about big and little animals, buildings, places and more. Please see our curriculum overview above, for more information. Next half term our topic will be Julia Donaldson where we will be doing lots of fun games, activities, writing and acting. More details will come home after half term.


Week Commencing 15th May


Take One Picture Week-

Penelope and Her Suitors by Pintoricchio circa 1509


See below for a link to the painting.



Class 1 enjoyed looking at the painting and talking about everything we could see. We spent time hypothesising  about who everyone was. they were especially interested in what the Penelope was doing. They were fascinated to hear the story behind the painting; that Penelope was married to Odysseus who went away for 10 years to fight in the battle of Troy and that during this time she had many suitors come to her to try to take her hand in marriage. Penelope was very dedicated to Odysseus  and wanted to wait for him. She told them all that she would choose somebody new once she had finished her tapestry. She spent all the daylight hours making her tapestry; when the suitors would come to her, and then spent every evening undoing her work. The children were fascinated by Penelope and Odysseus. We spent time learning the story of The Battle of Troy and the children rewrote  it brilliantly. We also made a big Penelope, Odysseus and Odysseus' ship. We dressed up as the characters and acted out when he returned.


Lady Penelope being decorated.



Making jewels to put on Lady Penelope's dress.



Odysseus ;  ready for battle.



Odysseus' ship


Lady Penelope looking beautiful.


The children presented all of their work in an assembly for the school. They showed how much confidence they have developed as they all joined in brilliantly. 








Also this week the children spent time learning their Maypole dances which they performed brilliantly on Thursday, in front of a big audience. See News Headlines on the Home page for lots of fantastic photos.


Exciting move around week next week. Year 1 children will be learning about The Rainforest with Mrs Downings and the Reception children will be learning about it with Mrs Somerville. I am sure  we might walk into a rainforest classroom by Wednesday!



Week commencing 8.5.17

This week we learnt about sea creatures and  The Coral Reef. The children worked together to find information out; they read Non Fiction Books, they watched information videos and they listened to facts being told. They wrote all of their findings on big pieces of paper and then shared them with the whole class. They loved finding out about all of the different animals.




Later in the week we learnt about The Coral Reef. The children did some beautiful pictures and amazing writing, which is now displayed outside the office.






The highlight of the week was when Mrs Povey, Roger and Violet visited. The children were all adorable with both Violet and Roger and they even got to all have a little cuddle. Thank you so much Mrs Povey for visiting.







Week Commencing 1.5.17

Well we packed a lot into 3 days last week.

We learnt about more amazing  big structures including The London Eye. We found that you can see for 25 miles from the top, that it carries 25 people in each carriage and that it takes half an hour to go all of the way round. We recounted our visit to William's farm where we saw big sheep and little lambs and we used how to use exclamation marks.


We all loved learning what wild flowers were and we went on a brilliant wild flower hunt.









On Thursday we spent time out of our classroom and enjoyed doing a lot of learning in The Eco Area. We imagined being as small as an ant and going on an adventure. Some children made a story using environmental resources.




The Reception children enjoyed looking for 2D and 3D shapes. They found lots.


A square.


A square.


A circle.

A cylinder.


A cuboid.


Next week we are learning about big and little sea animals.







Week Commencing 24.4.17

The children had a superb first week back. They really enjoyed seeing each other again and playing and working in each other's company.

We started learning about big structures and found out lots of interesting facts about The Colosseum and The Parthenon. The children loved watching videos showing what The Colosseum was used for and would have been like in Roman times. They all did some wonderful writing about it using lots of finger spaces,  capital letters, full stops, conjunctions, describing words and even exclamation marks!

Many children  enjoyed making a colosseum using lego, duplo and junk modelling.








The Reception children have learnt what tessellation meant this week in Maths and have all been tessellation shapes. They have also been working out which shapes won't tessellate and why.






At the end of the week we enjoyed a wonderful treat. We all walked up to William's farm to see the big sheep and little lambs. Everybody loved it. Thank you very much to William's family for letting us come.




















Term 4


Welcome back to a new term and a new topic. This term our topic is 'How it all Begins.' We will be learning about the  lifecycles of animals and plants; naming trees and plants in our local environment; learning about healthy foods, food choices and  lifestyle choices; we will also be learning about significant people in history, Queen Victoria in particular, and life in Victorian England.   Hopefully,we will also be enjoying  some lovely spring weather,  as we spend even more time then usual outside!!


Week 6 commencing 27/3/17

This week the children enjoyed learning the lifecycle of a frog. They very quickly remembered all of the stages, the names of the stages and the differences between a froglet and a frog. I was very impressed with all of those who became comfortable using the terminology 'amphibian.'


On Wednesday we walked along the tramlines, into Chinley, to visit a pond and look for frogspawn and frogs. We had a wonderful walk with our friends, chatting and looking for signs of spring. We saw lots of animals along the way, including black swans, geese, horses and dogs.

When we arrived at the pond we were all very excited to see how much frogspawn there was and that it was quite well developed ; some had the early stages of wriggling tadpoles inside the jelly. After we looked at the frogspawn we had a wonderful treat of milkshake and an ice cream. Thank you  Gemma and Jamie Lee.  We were quite disappointed to not have seen any frogs at the pond!

On the way back , thanks to the eagle eyes of one little boy, we did get to see a frog. It was hopping across the tramlines, with a little frog on its back.


Everybody had a fantastic time. Thank you so much to all of the parent helpers.


















Week Commencing 20/3/17

The children learnt about the lifecycle of a bee this week and learnt lots of facts; they also  enjoyed looking at a real life wasp's nest that was brought in.



As part of our topic, we have been learning about different periods in history. The children have loved finding out about Queen Victoria and life in  Victorian times over the past few weeks. This week they were learning about toys from the past and comparing them with toys from today. They were fascinated by the big, brown, 100 year old suitcase I brought in, and entranced by it's contents: toys that belonged to my dad and grandad and that were from the 1900's  up to the 1940's. The old cars, planes, boats, musical instruments, potato guns, metal toy rifles and Rupert the Bear annual were closely examined and then played with.  What a treat for the children.






Obviously the children all had lots to say about the toys and they did some brilliant writing about them.


The children used their brains very creatively on Wednesday,  in their P.E lesson, showing lots of ways to travel on, over and around pieces of equipment. They thought of high, low and middle ways to travel; using different parts of their bodies and  going forwards and backwards.





We all loved making Red Nose Chocolate Crispie cakes ready to sell on Red Nose Day.

The Year 1 children wrote amazing, detailed instructions afterwards putting the steps in order, using a new line for each step and even using bossy (imperative) verbs. well done Year 1.








On Thursday the Reception children had a lovely time exploring the Eco Area for signs of spring and new life. They found lots, enjoyed the outdoors, loved climbing and exploring but they had the best time EVER playing in a huge, big box. You can't beat a big box for can be anything.









Week 4 commencing 13/3/17

The children worked really hard this week on preparing and practising for our class assembly. They were excellent at learning their lines and then performing them. The assembly on Thursday was a great success and every child  was wonderful. I hope you enjoyed it as much as all of the children did.


Please see photos above.


Also this week we had visits from The Major of the High Peak and Clare Mahoney, an A & E nurse, to tell us about their jobs. The children loved the Major's visit and were captivated by his outfit and The Mace. The children enjoyed learning about his role and when he has to wear his full clothes.  




They loved Clare's visit and enjoyed learning about broken bones, X-rays and how your bones are plastered. They all enjoyed bandaging each other up and then making some real plaster.












Everybody enjoyed the beautiful weather this week and playing outside.







Week 3 commencing 6/3/17

This week the Reception children did some amazing writing about their favourite part of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Everybody thought of their own sentence, stretched out each word to listen to the sounds and wrote them down. They are getting so good at writing independently now. Some are evn using finger spaces! The Year 1 children took it one step further and wrote their own Very Hungry Animal story; using The Very Hungry caterpillar frame but choosing their own baby animal and different foods it would eat. There are some brilliant stories and lots of wonderful writing.


To help prepare we learnt about baby animals and their adults; we looked at lots of different babies. We were really interested to learn that a baby fish is called a fry!


The children used pastels to draw pictures of the baby animals on paper, they used paint programs on the computer to draw them and they also made them out of construction materials. 


Here is one example of  a fry and a tadpole. 




As is usual, we started the week by looking at our bean plants and talking about what has happened.

It is a daily focus and fascination looing at the changes that are occurring.

 The children all drew a picture of their plant and wrote their week 3 Bean Diary entry. 




 In Maths the Reception children were learning to use comparative language; tall, taller and tallest, small, smaller and smallest for example. They compared the height of lots of things. One little boy decided he wanted to build a sunflower taller than our classroom he did! 






We couldn't quite get it to stand up, but we think he achieved it.


As always, the children enjoyed lots of outside provision; they especially enjoyed it in the sunshine!






Class 1 are still enjoying their Physical Literacy sessions inside and outside. They love playing a game after our Mile A D ay run. One of their favourite's is 'Toilet Tig',  named by the children, when they have to flush the toilet to be released!






The week ended with the Year 1 sleepover. What a superb experience for everybody. The children all had great fun and were absolutely wonderful.






Next week are looking at the lifecycle of a dog. If you have a puppy or dog that would like to come in and visit us please see Miss Crombleholme. Later in the term we are learning about Frogs, hens, cats, snakes and humans. If you have any of these you would bring in, or any other baby, please see Miss Crombleholme.


Week Commencing 27.2.17

This week the children enjoyed the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They enjoyed working together in mixed year groups to act out the story and retell it. Later in the week the Year 1 children rewrote the story.


The children have also learnt the lifecycle of a butterfly and they made some fantastic, detailed and labelled life cycles using lots of art materials. They also did lots of printing to make symmetrical butterflies and  caterpillars.


All of the children have been enjoying checking the  broad beans they planted last week to see if they had grown. They were a little disappointed to see that they hadn't yet sprouted on Monday, but understood that they were probably growing a root first. We are really hoping to see some shoots sprouting this week !!


On Thursday lots of children came dressed up for World Book Day. We had some brilliant characters. They children loved sharing their favourite books with their friends. The Reception children wrote sentences about their books and the Year 1 children wrote amazing book reviews.


Well done class 1.


This week the Sunshine group are going to continue practising spellings out of their yellow booklet. The Stars group are going to be given a different set of spellings on Monday. Please practise these spellings for the test on Monday 13th  instead of those from the green booklet.



Week commencing 20/2/17

Week 1 of 7

This week we started learning the lifecycle of a bean plant and also a sunflower. We all enjoyed planting our own bean which we are going to watch grow over the term and to record it's progress in a weekly Bean Diary.

We all acted out the lifecycle of a sunflower with actions. The Reception enjoyed composing their own music to show the lifecycle to. As always , we have enjoyed lots of creative activities to enhance our learning and understanding about sunflowers.


We also started learning about different vegetables. We named them and talked about  what dishes we enjoy eating them in. Then we cut them up and made healthy potato people  choosing our own vegetables. 


On Wednesday we learnt about Queen Victoria and used charcoal to draw some brilliant portraits.





Week Commencing 30/1/17

We started this week by enjoying Chinese New Year celebrations. We enjoyed learning the story of how the years got their names and also acting it out. We enjoyed using the small world animals to play the story also. Many children made red lanterns and also coloured in Chinese Dragon masks. 




In Topic we were learning about our solar system. To get an understanding of how The Earth orbits the sun and The Moon orbits The Earth the class  wrapped 3 children up in big rolls of paper to make them become The Earth, Moon and Sun. The Earth child learnt how to rotate whilst orbiting The Sun and The Moon child orbited too!! We had a lot of turning children and a lot of fun !!





Throughout the course of the week  we learnt all about the 9 planets in our solar system. The Year 1's wrote fantastic reports. They are really getting good at now using features of reports in their work.


On Friday , in preparation for our Big Write, all of the class worked together to write down all the facts they could remember about the solar system. We then wrote letters to Lecky, an alien from another solar system, telling him all about our galaxy. I was so proud of how every child wrote.





The children really enjoyed sharing their writing with the class.


As always we have loved our Mile A Day run, this week we have joined in with the juniors and I think surprised everyone with quite how fit Class 1 is. I think we might be challenging for the fittest class soon.  

Well done Class 1




We also learnt all about rockets; how many body parts they have and what they do. We loved working together to make our own.





Week Commencing 23.1.17

This week the children continued their learning about the moon. They learnt all about it's surface, it's size, how old it is and about the first man on the moon. The Year 1 children showed their understanding, and also their developing literacy skills, by writing non chronological reports which used features of reports. They all used a title, sub headings, information, pictures and technical vocabulary. Wonderful work guys.





Everybody enjoyed using chalk pastels to draw pictures, play dough to create moon models and also shiny materials to make moon crater plates.






Much fun and a lot of learning happened when we did a science experiment to learn  how craters were made on the moon. We tested our ideas about how the size of the rock or asteroid would impact on the size of the crater, by dropping different sized stones in to 'moon dust'.


The Reception children learnt about repeating patterns in maths and were all brilliant at doing  2 stage and even 3 stage repeating patterns. Some children could even think about 2 factors in the pattern such as size and colour.





On Thursday, the Reception children had a wonderful afternoon. As it was so cold they didn't go to the Eco Area, as is their norm, instead they brought their activities inside. They worked together to build wonderful dens in the hall. Some groups of children did everything themselves, even tying the knots to hold up the tarpaulin. When they heard  Mrs Rackstraw coming they all hid and she couldn't find them for ages!




Week Commencing 16.1.17

This week we spent time making up and writing stories about our aliens. the children were very creative with their ideas and they all did some excellent writing.




We spent time looking at aerial maps to learn how to draw maps from a different perspective. I gave the children maps and asked them where they were of. Everybody soon worked out they were recent and old maps of Buxworth. Then the children drew and labelled their own maps with geographical features.




We learnt about the moon and all of the children in both Reception and Year 1 learnt lots of facts and then did some amazing writing. We compared the moon to Buxworth.



We also did some fantastic moon printing.




As usual we did lot of physical exercise including our Fundamental Movement Skills, 5 a day and Mile a Day run and 2 P.E lessons.


Week Commencing 9.1.17

We continued our learning this week by  finding out about the sun. The children were fascinated to find out that it is a star and that all the other stars in the sky are actually far away suns. They wrote some brilliant sentences and drew lovely pastel pictures, many of which are displayed on our windows.


We read 'Aliens Love Underpants' and spent time describing  and writing noun phrases about all of the different underpants. Later in the week the children made their own aliens and then described them. They all enjoyed 'Quick Write' describing words.


They have really enjoyed the sun inspired continuous provision activities; especially the tweezers in red lentils which they used to pick up lots of small objects.



We have also been making sun collages and weaving in warm colours.


On Tuesday, Mrs Somerville and  the children worked really hard  to make the most amazing rocket. They painted, rolled, stuck, cut, and glittered.





I was absolutely amazed on Wednesday morning when I walked in to our classroom and saw this:



Thank you Mrs Somerville.

On Wednesday, we looked to the questions the children asked on our topic map and we learnt about gravity. The children loved watching a video of an astronaut on the International Space Station floating around when there was no gravity.

We  conducted our own experiments by throwing different objects up in to the air to see if they  would float away or be pulled back down to earth by gravity. We went all around school testing if gravity was present.




Happily, we concluded that gravity was everywhere.


On Friday we had a brilliant 'Snow Day.' The children worked together to make  and then paint lots of snow sculptures. We had such fun. 








Next week we will be writing creative stories about our aliens going on the rocket to the moon. I wonder what adventures they will have? 


Picture 1
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Picture 11

Happy New Yearsmiley

Image result for the solar system


Welcome back to Spring Term 1. This term our topic is To Infinity and Beyond. We will be learning about our solar system; the planets; the sun; the moon and  the time line of travel into space. We will be enjoying fiction, non fiction and poetry books to help us . After half term our topic will be

How it all Begins. We will be learning about the lifecycles of many different animals including: frogs, caterpillars, chickens, dogs and humans. To find out more about each topic please read the curriculum overview letters that come home at the beginning of each term or read them on line. Each is attached above.


Week 1 W/c 2/1/17

The children all returned well rested and ready to learn. They have had a great first week  thinking about our new topic. We read Roaring Rockets and Bob The Man on The Moon to inspire them  to think about what they already knew about Space and what they wanted to find out; we made 2 wonderful mind maps full of questions.  " What is a solar system? " , "What is gravity?", :" How far away is the moon?" , "What is the sun made of?", "If the earth is round, why don't we fall off?", "Is the moon made out of cheese?" , "Why do astronauts wear special suits?" and " What are the parts of a rocket?" are just a few of the questions. I can tell we are going to have a WONDERFUL, EXCITING AND MOTIVATED TERM FULL OF LEARNING.


We started off learning about our Solar system. The children were all enthralled and did some wonderful pictures and writing even though it was a Friday afternoon!






I can't wait for next week when we find out more about each planet and the sun.





Week 7 Week Commencing 12/12/16

The children all had a wonderful final week . They enjoyed:  watching the dodgeball tournament in aid of British Heart Foundation, Christmas Party day and meeting Father Christmas, Reindeer Run Cross Country and generally having lots of fun with their friends.





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Week 6 

W/ C 5/12.16

The children had a very busy, fun week with lots of different and new experiences.
On Monday we did our Big Write and we all wrote letters to Father Christmas, we folded our letters and put them in an envelope. On Tuesday we put address labels and stamps on our envelopes and then walked all of the way in to Whaley Bridge, along the canal, to post them in the post box. The children then walked very sensibly to Bridge House  Bakery and they asked for and paid for their own treat, which we took to the canal basin to eat. EVERYBODY enjoyed their treat. We then walked back to school in time for lunch. I was very impressed with everybody who walked really sensibly along the canal. We all had a great time.


On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening we got dressed  up ready for our Christmas production  of One Snowy Night. The children were all amazing and wonderful. They sang beautifully and were very brave standing on stage and acting so well, in front of huge crowds.  Well done Class 1.


​On Wednesday we all enjoyed our Christmas dinner and we loved our crackers and toys.


Next week is going to be a busy week also with 2 super sporting events for us enjoy. On Monday we are watching teams play a dodgeball competition and on Thursday we are all joining in with a  Reindeer Run Cross Country competition. Every body will be in 1 of 4 teams and teams will compete to win the title of Cross Country champions.


Wednesday is Christmas Party day. Children can bring party clothes, in a named bag, to change in to in the afternoon.   
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Picture 24

Week 5

W/C 28.11


The children had a FANTASTIC week last week. Their  focus continued to be Jack and The Beanstalk and they incorporated it in to lots of the curriculum. On Monday the children all worked together to make parts of a beanstalk, leaves and  to paint a superb, life size Jack. They were all amazed, intrigued and VERY excited when they came in on Tuesday morning and the beanstalk was growing up from the floor and was reaching all the way up to ceiling.  They had lots of ideas about how it had happened and why Jack was at the bottom of it.

Their excitement grew further and was barely containable on Wednesday, when big, brown footprints had appeared leading all the way from the bottom of the beanstalk, out of the classroom, down the stairs to the front doors!!! They had lots of fantastic ideas about who had made the footprints, what he looked like and where he was going. The children  did some amazing writing using their ideas.
On Tuesday, it was very exciting when builders arrived at school and spent the whole day in Class 1's little playground. The children were very curious and  kept going to the door to watch them;   they then fed back to the other children about what was happening.  It was very hard to wait until Wednesday when the children could go out and look at what had happened. they were thrilled to see a  new , fantastic, fun and inspiring play area.
They have a  water wall and damning station which  encourages the children to really work together as a team to move the water from the trough up to the buckets and then back down on to the damn. The sand pulley system also requires team work and is a great hit. The mud kitchen has already inspired lots of dishes to be made;  I have had chocolate cake, strawberry cheesecake, vegetable soup, lasagne and fresh orange juice  to date and they were all served by very enthusiastic waiters!! Finally lots of children have enjoyed the play house and I am sure we will see lots of shows come out of it in the future. Everybody in Class 1 feels very lucky.
The children have also been enjoying lots of outdoor P.E everyday including playing hoops, hula, tig, circuit stations with different challenges , basketball and even doing maths and literacy! The Year 1s love doing fast maths when some children have to run from 1 side of the playground to the other whilst the remaining children count in different number patterns. This week we were counting in 2s,5s and 10s.


 Luckily, Class 1 love being outside and cold weather never inhibits our learning. smiley






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Week 4. Week commencing 21.11.16

 This week the children's focus was Jack and The Beanstalk. They enjoyed reading the story, acting it out and then writing about it. The Reception children  drew pictures of their favourite part and wrote the beginning and end phonemes to label their picture. The Year 1 children wrote the beginning, middle and end of the story and concentrated on  putting full stops at the end of sentences. They ALL did a wonderful job.  


We used Jack and The Beanstalk in our dance lesson and everybody moved like Jack and also the giant. We thought about high, low, middle, front and backward ways to travel.
The reception children  have been working very hard on reading, acting out and even writing their own maths stories. They are BRILLIANT at it.
Everybody enjoyed Christmas Activity Day on Thursday. The children were in  mixed age groups and so worked with different children from all of the classes. They loved having the older children looking after and helping them. It was lovely to see so many new friendships being struck up and also so many children from all of the other classes working so well with Class 1. The children enjoyed 7 different activities including making Christmas cards, snow globes, calendars, reindeer , Christmas trees and chocolate truffles. To be able to see and buy your children's beautiful creations please come along to the Christmas Market and Tree Lighting at school on Friday night.






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Picture 20

Week 3 w/c 14/11/16


The children had a week full of excitement and anticipation preparing for our first class assembly on Thursday. Throughout the week everybody practised well and remembered all their words, actions and songs. They showed how much they had grown and developed as the day came closer and they managed to hold  their excitement without it ever bubbling over. 


Thursday was a fantastic day when the children got to dress up in  their favourite dressing up clothes for assembly; dance and sing to their favourite songs and act out shows and perform words in front of a very large audience. All of the children joined in and made me and the Class 1 team very proud. 


This week the children also enjoyed visits from adults coming in to tell us about their jobs. The children loved it when Jo Grace walked in with a big black box on wheels and a microphone. They whispered ideas to each other about what the box might be and what Jo might do as a job. They loved it when she explained that she is a jazz singer who goes into care homes and sings  for the elderly. Jo told the children that her job is to make the old people happy through music. She certainly made us happy when she sang and the children all danced!

The following day Helen Madden visited and told us about her job as a therapist. The children were very interested to hear how she works with children and adults who feel sad and how she helps to make them feel happier. They asked lots of questions about HOW she helps children  the children. Helen explained she uses puppets,  play,  drawing and colouring a lot. It was interesting for the children to hear this as we  often use puppets and talk about our feelings in class. We also use different coloured pencils to draw pictures in the 'colour we are feeling.' We find this helps the children when they can't quite express themselves and what they want to communicate. The children's previous experience in using colours and talking about their feelings  helped them to understands Helen's job better. We all enjoyed drawing pictures using colours to show our feelings at the end.


Our last visitor of the week was Sarah Davies who told us about her job as a Modern Foreign Languages teacher at High School. She taught us how to say 'Hello', 'How are you?' 'I feel happy' and 'I feel grumpy' in Spanish.

 This week the children still enjoyed lots of physical literacy and P.E. the highlights this week were practicing their agility, dodging and movement skills whilst touching as many cones as they could in a given time. Things got trickier when they has to touch different colours, then use only their right hand and when they had to travel on all was really fun! Later on in the week they enjoyed hockey and practised 'taking their dogs for a walk' using the hockey stick. They were all great.

 Week 2  W/C 7/11/16


This week the children learnt The Gingerbread Man story. They spent time joining in with the story and retelling it. They loved the book and an interactive version on the whiteboard. The Year 1s learnt to read and follow instructions  using a gingerbread man recipe. They worked together to make lots of yummy gingerbread man biscuits.  They then drew the instructions before writing them themselves. The Reception children will be making gingerbread men next week in their independent baking. 


The Reception children have been working really hard in their phonics lessons and this week have learnt d , g, o and c. They can sing the songs, form the letters and do the corresponding actions. This week they have also been learning to blend phonemes together to read words. Well done Reception.


In our physical literacy sessions each morning the children are starting to show real progress. Everybody is correctly copying the 5 a Day  dance routines , managing to run for 5 minutes during our mile a day run and is working really hard on their fundamental movement skills. I was really impressed with

everybody's throwing and catching, using small balls, this week.  


On Thursday the children brought their favourite story books in to school, they all enjoyed talking about them and sharing them with their friends.


Remember it is our Class assembly on Thursday at 3pm, in the hall. Please come and watch the children show off their amazing work.



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Picture 17


Term 2 , Week 1

                             W/C 31/10/16             
The children enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival Diwali this week. They loved reading, acting out, and writing the story of Rama and Sita . They were especially captivated by Ravanna, the ten headed demon. The Y1 drew wonderful picture maps and then wrote some fantastic sentences to retell the story.




All of the children enjoyed finding out how Diwali is celebrated . They made Rangoli chalk patterns, chalk foot and hand prints , diya lamps and diya lamp stands.
This week the children also described themselves and painted fantastic self portraits.


They talked about Bonfire night,  drew exciting firework pictures and everybody did firework writing. The Year 1s used describing words and the Reception children listened for and wrote  the beginning sounds of words.  


 Next week we are learning about the story of The Gingerbread Man. Beware of children hunting for gingerbread men around the house and school! ​We are also talking about and sharing our favourite story books from home. 

Please could the children bring their favourite story book in to school on Thursday and Friday.

       Week 6 W/C 10.10.16


Class 1 had a great week with lots of fantastic learning going on. Year 1 spent time focusing on capital letters and full stops and adding them in to sentences . The Reception children started Phase 2 phonics; learning 's' and 'a'. They all absolutely loved the dough disco exercises to warm their fingers up ready to do hand actions and to form letters. They also enjoyed reading each letter's story and singing its song.


Year 1 did lots of fun maths including weighing mass in beans! Each child learnt that 1 bean equals 1g by putting 1 bean in their hands. They could feel the mass of 1g and then 2g,3g,4g,5g and 6grams etc in their hands. They soon got over the fact that the beans were cold and wet and enjoyed learning what 1 g and then what 1 kg  feels like. They used weighed out bags of sugar for the kilogram; not 1000 beans!

The Reception children started learning how to form numbers 0,1,2 and 3 using songs and actions.
Our class focus last week was autumn and the children enjoyed learning about the changes that are happening and why. They all loved going on an autumn hunt in our school grounds and then along the tramlines.
The Year 1 children looked in Sally Scientist's backpack and found a picture showing them a close up of taste buds. She asked them where on their body they would find these and what do they use them for?
This led the children into a great experiment and lots of learning about taste, which they all loved... especially the taste experiment where they had to taste a bitter, sour, sweet and salty food.
Everybody is still enjoying independent baking and they are doing really well following the pictorial instructions; they are also doing well at washing up afterwards.


Next week we are making cheese straws.


The last fun thing this week was a special show and tell that fitted very well with our 'Furry and Cuddly' theme. One little boy brought his lamb in and the  rosettes that he had won at different shows by displaying his  lamb handling skills.  All of the children loved it.

Our focus for next week is The Three Little Pigs.

Week 5  w/c 3.10.16

This week the children enjoyed learning, singing and performing the Incy Wincy Spider nursery rhyme. The Reception children used their drawing, cutting out and joining skills to make wonderful Incy Wincy spiders, which would have looked lovely dangling from our ceiling....but the children were so enamored with their spiders they all took them home!!  The Year 1 children are still in the process of completing theirs so we may yet get to hang some up!
The Year 1 children completed some brilliant writing about Incy Wincy. They coloured in a scene  and thought of sentences about Incy, that are not in the rhyme. One child coloured their drainpipe and Incy like a rainbow and wrote how sliding down the colourful drainpipe transformed  Incy into a rainbow spider.


The Reception children did some wonderful counting, number ordering and learning about positional language.




The Year 1 children loved finding out about, and using their sense of touch in Science. We tried to only use our sense of touch to say where we were being touched, in our first experiment and then to guess the object we were touching in the second. 



Nature colour hunt 7.10.16

Nature colour hunt 7.10.16 1

A huge well done to everybody in Class 1 for their fantastic performance ,in front of a big crowd, at our Harvest Festival. Their singing and actions for Big Red Combine Harvester were superb.


We are learning about ​autumn  next week.



Week 4

Week Commencing 26.9.16


Everybody had a beartastic week this week. The children all brought their teddy bears in to school each day, to join in with their fun learning and activities.  On Monday the children used their sandwich making skills to independently make cheese and ham sandwiches, in preparation for a teddy bears' picnic later in the week. They also watched Miss Crombleholme demonstrate how to make Rich Biscuits, and then in groups, they independently made their own biscuits, with great success.  On Tuesday they enjoyed sharing the fruits of their labour, with their teddy bears, at a picnic. Also on  Tuesday, they demonstrated some amazing art skills and painted brilliant bears, which are on display in our classroom, with Mrs Somerville.


Later in the week the children nearly burst with  excitement as they got themselves ready to go on a Bear Hunt. They crept through school, looking along every wall and in every little alcove, they then explored the Eco Area, at the top and also down by the river, on the decking. They looked high and low; in amongst the bushes and in the trees, soon they were rewarded as they began to find beautifully created bears, that they had made in Art and Design, the week before. The excitement never waned, until we finally crept back along the path and into school.... being careful to remove our muddy, bear hunting shoes, on the mat! The children all drew amazing pictures of the hunt and the Year 1 children wrote their best pieces of writing yet; using wonderfully descriptive words and exciting sentences.


Also this week the Reception children have started their Phonics lessons, and have been listening for different sounds. They have discovered that they are all very good at naming and identifying what the sound is.


Everybody has loved our Physical Literacy session each morning, enjoying doing a 5- a day dance, some fundamental movement skills and finding different ways to move outside.  Well done Class 1 for being so active.



Please bring in empty kitchen rolls , if you have any. Thank you.
And beware of the spiders !!!!




Week 3

This week the children became familiar with our everyday routines. The Reception children practised coming in each morning and putting their trainers on ready for our active start to the day. They then went to self register by finding and posting their name in the box. The Year 1 children  put their trainers on each morning, and then practised writing their spellings . This is the routine the children will follow every day.  


They all enjoyed and participated in our Physical Literacy sessions by doing: a 5-a Day song and dance; they strengthened their bodies through Fundamental Movement Skills, and they increased their aerobic fitness with the mile a day run. The Y1 also  enjoyed doing Tag Rugby in their P.A.S lesson and the Reception children enjoyed Balanceability on Wednesday and  learning  different ways to travel in  P.E on Tursday..... Phew..... what an active bunch they are!


Independent baking this week was making cheese or ham sandwiches. Everybody is getting very good at signing in on the baking list, writing their name on their sandwich bag, spreading the butter on the bread and also cutting their sandwiches. Well done everybody who is following the routines. Next week they will be baking biscuits and making sandwiches for a teddy bears picnic on Thursday. 


Sally the Scientist , our scientist teddy, posted a question this week in her backpack, asking us to find out what our 5 senses are and what they are used for. They spent time working out the answer and then they used  their sense of smell by doing a smell investigation. They each made a nose mask, to help them smell, and then went on a smell discovery walk in and around school; after that they wore  a blindfold and did a smell test to see if they could identify 5 different smells. They all squealed with excitement when the different smells were presented to them,  they had a fun and exciting time. We are all wondering what Sally the Scientist's next  question will be????


Next week our focus is going to be teddy bears. We are going to talk about and show our favourite teddy bear; we are going to go on a bear hunt and see if we can find anymore bears in and around school; especially in the Eco Area and we are going to have a teddy bears picnic.


Please bring in your child's favourite teddy bear on Monday, Thursday and Friday.







Week 2 W/C 12.9.16

A busy week for all in class 1. We spent time getting to know each other and our class routines. 

The children enjoyed lots of fun activities whilst learning; they enjoyed playing, exploring and discovering inside and outside, with big equipment and small. They all really enjoyed our new, independent  baking area where this week  they were making jam sandwiches and writing labels to put on their bags to take home. The Reception children started Balanceability sessions with Mrs Somerville , who is teaching all those who can't ride their bikes to gain balance and riding skills on balance bikes.


The Year 1 children began their Challenge Cards, which they will work on in the afternoons. These  allow the children to  take ownership over some of their learning and give them the ability to choose which learning activity they find the most interesting and challenging, whilst also increasing their independence skills. The Reception children started recording their feelings each day through colours.

Well done Class 1.

I can't wait to come back to school next week for more fun!


​Welcome to a new year in Class 1.

​Our topic this term is ​Furry and Cuddly​. We will be finding out all about ourselves and who we like to cuddle; our family; our pets and our favourite cuddly toys. We will also be learning traditional tales including  Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, The 3 Little Pigs and more.

We  have lots of new exciting things this term to look forward to including:  physical literacy and physical activities every day; independent baking each week and indoor and outdoor independent exploration. The Year 1 children will also be enjoying  Travelling Thursdays and Leapfrog Fridays ,where they will travel to different classrooms to be taught a range of subjects such as: French, art and crafts, computing, music, world citizen, P.E and Forest Schools by specialist teachers.
Please read our curriculum newsletter to find out more.
Week 1 News

We have welcomed lots of new children into our class and they have all settled really well.


This week we have spent time  getting to know each other and our new classroom. We have enjoyed dressing up, playing in the home corner, doing jigsaws and 3d dominoes, mark making and painting, playing with playdough, investigating using our senses, playing in the mud kitchen, water tray and sand pit , playing on the train and playing with the parachute.


Have a look at our pictures to get a little glimpse into some of our fun.  


Forest school 9.9.16

Forest school 9.9.16 1 We talked about being safe on the Eco- area
Have a look at our parade!  Click on 'News Headlines' on the

Thank you to everyone in Class 1 for a wonderful year in which we have all learnt and laughed a lot together. We wish all of those who are moving up, good luck in Class 2, for those who are staying in Class 1,  we can't wait to see you next year when our topic will be : Cuddly and Furry. See you soon.smiley



Everybody had a superb time at Chester Zoo today. The children enjoyed spending the day seeing all the wild animals and also some fantastic looking models of dinosaurs....."Are they real?" was heard many times.




Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo 1
Chester Zoo 2
Chester Zoo 3
Chester Zoo 4
Chester Zoo 5
Chester Zoo 6
Chester Zoo 7
Chester Zoo 8
Chester Zoo 9
Chester Zoo 10
Chester Zoo 11
Chester Zoo 12
Chester Zoo 13
Chester Zoo 14
Chester Zoo 15
Chester Zoo 16
Chester Zoo 17
Chester Zoo 18
Chester Zoo 19
Chester Zoo 20
Chester Zoo 21
Chester Zoo 22
Chester Zoo 23
Chester Zoo 24
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

​Summer Term 2016

 Welcome to the summer term where our topic is ...Fast and Furious.
We will be learning about fictional Superheroes and real life super heroes,  and then the Olympics.

For the first half term we will be  enjoying finding out about superheroes in books and on tv, and we will thinking about and making up  our own superheroes. We will be learning about real life super heroes such as: firefighters, nurses and police officers. As part of our learning we will be using ouenterprise skills , to plan, make and run a  superhero shindig tea party. Look out for news in the next few weeks.

For the second half term, we will be learning about the world, Brazil and the Olympics. We will find out about the history of the Olympics and how it has changed over time. Please read our curriculum overview for more specific information.


Everyday, at first play, the children have the opportunity to have a drink of milk. If the children are 4 years old, this is funded by the government, after their 5th birthday, this funding stops. If you would like your child to continue to receive milk each day; or if you would like them to start receiving it; you can pay for it via The Cool Milk website. Please speak to Mrs Arnfield in the office, about how to subscribe. 


Chester Zoo trip on Wednesday 13th July. Please look in book bags for extra information.


Week 5 W/C 4.7.16

This week the children spent time watching  finals from the 2012 Olympics in gymnastics, rowing, cycling, running and swimming. They then wrote some brilliant  sports reports using lots of finger spaces, capital letters, full stops, conjunctions and descriptive language.
Also this week the children have been learning to name animal body parts and  to classify animals into different groups. They are now brilliant at identifying whether an animal is a mammal, a reptile, a fish, a bird , an insect or an amphibian. They all enjoyed working with partners to: make animals out of junk modelling, ensuring they could name all its body parts;draw and label  animals, sort  and group all of our small  world animals; cut, stick and classify animals or learn about animals on the computers.








Week 4 w/c 27.6.16

The children had a very enterprising and successful week third week of term. We started off by thinking about what games and challenges we would like to have at our Olympic tea party on Wednesday. The children used their plans from the previous week to set the games up in the playground outside. Everybody then went and  had a go and together we decided which games we would put on at the tea party. Next we set about making the props and resources needed for each event. We also made name signs for each stall and volunteer badges to wear, to let everybody know we were helpers.  All of the children were totally engaged in a job and all on task. They were wonderful.

Practising our games.


Practising our games.


Making signs for each game.


Making numbers for the target board.



Decorating cakes for the cake stall.


On the day of the tea party, the children were very excited.  I was so  impressed with everybody in the class, they all worked really hard throughout the tea party, they spoke to lots of different people, many of whom were adults, they could explain what they needed to and everybody  communicated clearly and politely.


The colouring stall.

Explaining the ball bouncing game.

Helping on the cake stall.

The target game.

Guess the name of the mascots


Well done Class 1 for putting on such a wonderful event. Thank you very much to everybody who donated their time or cakes to help support it. The event raised 124.33 .


Week 3 W/C 20.6.16

This week, the children enjoyed  learning opportunities on varied things.


We embraced the opportunity to talk about democracy, decision making and voting, by the Year 1 children thinking about and then writing motions for what  activity the  class would do next Thursday afternoon. The learning activity was put in their hands; they were told that they had to think of an activity and then persuade the audience, and me what they would learn if we did it! They came up with super ideas such as  having the bikes out in the big playground, as children would learn to pedal and take turns; going on the park in The Rec, as they would learn to climb, swing and work together; having sports equipment out, as they would learn new sporting skills, and baking cakes, to learn to share and take turns. They rest of the class listened to their proposals and then they all voted. Going on the bikes received 6 votes, going to the park also received 6 votes but there was 1 undecided child who wanted both! ( Decisions can be hard when you are only 5!) As a result we are going to combine both activities and hopefully, many children will be happy!


We started thinking about our Olympic tea party, which is next Wednesday, the 29th June at 3pm. The children used the 6 Early enterprise skills of : teamwork, initiative, communication, positivity, finance and creativity to think of  ideas for games and challenges they would like to run, they wrote them all down and again presented them to the class who voted on what we should do at the tea party.




We then spent time making posters to advertise the event and writing invitations.



The children have been learning about the history of the Olympic games, what the logo is and also about mascots. They enjoyed designing their own mascots and then making them.


Three of our Year 1 children had a wonderful time at Map Quest on Tuesday. They used orienteering skills to find 12 pictures around  Manor Park in Glossop. They were brilliant and ran around constantly for 20 minutes. Our 'Mile a Day'  run has definitely improved their stamina. (They were quite  hot and tired afterwards though!)


All of the children enjoyed watching our Key Stage 2 Children in a Cyclo Cross competition.




Week 2 W/C 13.6.16


​This week we continued learning about Brazil. We focused especially on The Amazon  Rainforest and learnt all about the trees, plants and animals we would find. We learnt about the 4 different layers in the rainforest; The Emergent Layer, The Canopy; The Understory and The Forest Floor. The children spent lots of time learning about parts of plants and also studying out own 'rainforest' in The Eco Area. They made lots of astute comparisons and links. They all produced some brilliant descriptive writing about the rainforest.










As ever, we did lots of playing together and learning together.





Week 1 T6    W/C 6.6.16

This week we started our whole term focus of The Olympics,  by learning about  where this year's Olympics will be staged: Brazil.

We learnt many interesting facts about the country, the land and the culture. The Y1 children wrote superb  reports using a title, sub headings, diagrams, the present tense and exciting vocabulary. If you would like to learn about Brazil, come and read them, they are on the wall in our role play area. The children were all really excited to learn about  the Rio de Janeiro Carnival that happens at the beginning of lent and of course, being so creative; the children wanted to do their own  carnival and aprocession too.  They spent time working out costumes, making colourful masks and even learning to samba dance!! The children were much better at it than Miss Crombleholme and Mrs Povey!  They all worked together really well, helping each other with ideas, to find everything they needed and helping each other to cut out and make things. It is lovely to hear so many children saying " I will help you," when somebody has a problem.

On Thursday the Y1 children started learning about persuasive writing and wrote letters to Ms Moore to persuade her that she should let us do a carnival procession for the whole school. They all included really good noun phrases, describing what the costumes, music and dancing would be like. The Reception children used their writing skills and wrote invitations for the other classes. They were really good and showed how everybody is stretching their words to listen all the sounds in each word before writing them down.










On Thursday we welcomed the children who will be joining Reception next year on their first  'Stay and Play' session. The new children were brilliant and I was very proud of our current Class 1 children who helped all of the newcomers and made them feel very welcome. Well done Class 1 .


Next week we are learning all about The Amazon Rainforest. 


Week 7  W/C 23.5. 16


​Class 1 had a super last week, filled with lots of learning, activities and fun.

They enjoyed their PAS lesson on Tuesday where they played Cat and Mouse and learnt  how to throw a Frisbee.



They all enjoyed their afternoon in The Eco Area on Tuesday making magic power potions for their superheroes and also superhero lairs. Everybody worked really well together.







On Wednesday PCO Karen Green visited to talk about her job. She brought some speed watch equipment with her and the children all went to do speed checks on the cars travelling through Buxworth. They were very happy that nobody was breaking the speed limit and everybody drove very responsibly.




On Thursday morning everybody worked really hard in their Big Write and produced some brilliant writing. Well done everybody.



And we finished the week by skipping beautifully around the maypole during the school Maypole celebrations. Everybody was superb and did so well performing in front of the whole school and parents. 




Happy holidays everybody. See you on Monday 6th June.


Week 6 W/C 16.5.16


Class 1 had a extremely theatrical and creative week, as is our usual way.


On Wednesday we performed an outstanding assembly which saw everyone dressed up as their own superhero with fantastic costumes, and everybody introducing their superhero and  powers. Children read out work they had written, with loud, clear voices. They shared their comic strips, the life story of Florence Nightingale and their recounts of our trip to Buxton Fire Station. Two groups of children  showed how superb everybody is at using their enterprise skills, by performing  shows they had created of The Great Fire of London. The shows were outstanding; as were the theatre sign, tickets and posters everybody had made. Everybody in the class worked together, with very little support from the teachers. They finished their assembly by showing off all the amazing physical skills they have developed this term; they bounced and caught balls, they threw to each other and they dribbled.

Well done Class 1 for an amazing assembly.



 Making the theatre and show signs.


Welcoming the audience and giving out tickets to the shows.




All dressed up and ready to go.



 The Great Fire of London Show

We moved straight from  excitement about our assembly onto excitement about the Take One Picture challenge. As in every class at school this week, we studied Peter Paul Rubens' A Roman Triumph picture. The children talked about what they could see, hear and how it made them feel. They were asked what it made them want to do; to which they replied " Have a parade,"  so they spent Thursday afternoon and Friday deciding who they wanted to be, designing their costumes and then  making them. When they were all ready they performed an AMAZING ROMAN TRIUMPH PARADE, which included music , dancing and marching in front of the whole school. 


​Another  outstanding day in Class 1.








Week 5 W/C 9.5.16


This week, the Year 1 children worked extremely hard completing core objective tests in Maths, SPAG and Reading . They did very well and I was really proud of the effort everybody put in. 


Our focus for this week has been real life superheroes; firefighters in particular.  We have been thinking about what firefighters do  and acting it out. We have also been learning about The Great Fire of London.

It has really captured the children's attention and inspired lots of re enactments and shows. Everybody has used all of the early enterprise skills to; plan, write and act in a show; to produce posters advertising their show, make  tickets for entrance and also costumes and props! They have done this with very little guidance from the teachers and a lot of team work, positivity, use of their own initiative and  communication skills. They are going to perform some of the shows during their class assembly next week.


On Thursday the children visited Buxton Fire Station and received a fantastic experience care of Blue Watch.


They found out about all the different things fire fighters do in a days work. They had a look at the fire engines and were amazed to find out how much equipment they carry and use.



They had a go in the fire engines and also at trying on the helmets.



They loved watching Mrs Povey dress up.



They  loved watching the big fire engines outside and were so thrilled when they had a go with the hose pipes.



......and they were thrilled when they all got wet !!!





Week 4  W/c 2.5.16


​Class 1 had another excellent week where they worked hard and enjoyed themselves.

Everybody came back to school after the bank holiday and got stuck into their PAS sports lesson with enthusiasm. They followed  2 step instructions and learnt how to throw and catch a cricket ball.
In the afternoon the Reception children extended their experiences and understanding of different countries. They listened to music from different countries and talked about all the things they know and have heard about countries around the world. They then went on to focus on a South African piece of music called 'Vulani'; they enjoyed making up actions to the music, playing instruments in time and dancing with partners.
We had an exciting morning on Wednesday when one of the children's granddad brought in a lamb from his farm. The little lamb, named 'Sucky Chewy' was a great hit with all the children. They enjoyed finding out about why he was being hand reared and how he was being looked after.


Sucky Chewy's visit inspired the children to all write about him. 




The children have been enjoying their math lessons and also all other opportunities to use their math skills.

Working together playing Snakes and Ladders.




Working together playing skittles and counting up scores. The 2 year groups work together so well; they always help each other. 


On Thursday we enjoyed a day learning in our local environment. We walked along the canal in to Whaley Bridge where we stopped at the bakery and bought a snack to eat. We  had a look  at the bakery kitchen and we compared it to  the kitchen of the royal baker  Thomas Farynor in 1666.

We walked to the park and enjoyed playing on all the equipment . The children challenged themselves on the climbing frame, enjoyed the thrill of the zip wire and the high bucket swing and worked together on the swings pushing each other and learning how to keep themselves swinging. 


Everybody enjoyed sharing a picnic lunch in the sunshine before we walked slowly back to school. A great day was had by all.













I was so impressed with all of the children; they walked a long way carrying all of their own things. They listened to instructions and behaved well.


Thank you so much to our parent helpers, we wouldn't have been able to do it without you.


Next week our focus is real life super heroes, firefighters and  The Great Fire of London. We will all be enjoying a trip to Buxton Fire Station on Thursday morning.


Week 3 w/c 25.4.16

This week the children have been learning about Florence Nightingale. They were all interested in her life and the impact she had on today's nursing. The children focused on using conjunctions and exciting word choices to add detail when writing her life story. 
We all enjoyed looking at pictures of her and thinking about her clothes and hair style. The children thought about how they would draw a portrait; particularly thinking about which lines to draw and colours to use. They all produced some amazing art work by either painting or drawing charcoal portraits.


All of the children's Florence Nightingale work will soon be on display in the classroom.


The Reception children have all been working hard to write the math stories they were told.



Everybody has enjoyed finding, showing or writing the magic number this week which is 14.




The children have started to learn about and use the 6 early years enterprise skills of: initiative, creativity, communication, positivity, teamwork and finance. Through the use of characters the children have planned, written, advertised and made tickets for drama shows. They used Tim and Tom the teamwork twins to listen to each others ideas and work together ; Pippa Positivity to believe they could produce what they wanted; Izzy Initiative to think about what they needed to do and to collect all their resources; Charlie Communicate to talk about their ideas, Freddie Finance to put prices on the tickets and Chloe Creativity to think of all their ideas. They made posters, tickets, and invitations. They all enjoyed watching each others shows, as did Ms Moore who was sent a special invitation. 





They all showed  Pippa Positivity and great determination to not give up  during our mile runs, even when it was raining. Well done Class 1; a great attitude.


Next Thursday we will be going on a trip to Whaley Bridge to spend the day learning in our local environment. Look out for a letter and permission slip going home on Tuesday. Parent helpers are needed. Please speak to us if you can help.


Week 2 W/c 18.4.16




This week the Y1 children have learnt to write a comic strip. They have thought of superheroes and what their characteristics are; they planned and drew scenery where the action would take place; they learnt to set the scene so the reader was aware of what had  happened so far and then they wrote an action scene using speech. Their comic strips are brilliant and will soon be on a display in the classroom.



The Reception children have been doing lots of writing also when writing down their ideas and plans for what they want to do each session. their writing has really come on and you can see lots of children  sounding out each word to spell it and then write. Well done Reception.

Both year groups have enjoyed their regular phonics sessions. The Yellow and Green groups especially enjoyed their sessions outside.


All the children have enjoyed finding this week's magic number which was 13. They have written it, found it in the classroom on different objects and shown me the value of it.





The children have been working together lots and thinking about how to be kind friends.


They enjoyed doing The opposites puzzle and worked together to help each other.

We learnt about the artist Keith Haring ; we thought about his style and related the subjects of his art to our topic. We noticed that he painted lots of pictures of people doing things. We talked about what our super bodies can do and we  did lots of art work in his style.



The Reception children enjoyed Travelling Tuesday when they designed, planned and made superhero masks. They used lots of different thinking, concentration and physical  skills. Afterwards they had a fantastic time outside with the parachute.




Week 1
The children all came back to school relaxed and ready to learn.
The Reception children have been enjoying lots of continuous provision opportunities and  have been making sensible choices about what they want to do, and learn, each day. They have started using their Ideas Book  to write a plan and a sentence of what they want to do each session; and then a review of what they actually did do.

The Year 1 children have been thinking about different superheroes. They have learnt to use alliteration in sentences . They have also learnt to put the correct ending on third person singular verbs, when saying what each superhero does.

The Reception children have been planning and designing superhero clothes. They started by designing shoes.



The children have enjoyed lots of making, for example: masks; superhero lairs and control panels and superhero biscuits.



 The children enjoyed finding out about real life super hero Florence Nightingale and how she changed and improved nursing. Many of them then went and played being a nurse or preparing healthy food for patients in hospitals.



They also made healthy soups outside, for Miss Crombleholme to enjoy !!!


Spring Term 2 2016

Week 5

Easter Preparations and Celebrations.

We practised and performed a song, as part of our school Easter service, in church. The children sang 'We have a King Who Rides a Donkey' brilliantly.



We all enjoyed making Easter bonnets and wearing them for our fun Easter sing.

We loved the egg rolling competition.

We also enjoyed our own class Easter egg hunt.


Week 4


 This week we have been practising our class assembly on minibeasts. The children worked really hard practising their words, making up dances, practising songs and poems. They also made their minibeast masks,  flowers for the back drop and habitat props for the front of the stage. 


The assembly on Thursday was very well attended by all of the parents who seemed to enjoy it greatly. The children performed really well, spoke and sang with very loud voices and danced beautifully. They all showed how much they had developed from their very first assembly in December.

Class 1 have also enjoyed lots of time outside this week. They loved returning to the Eco Area to see if any minibeasts had visited the habitats that they made last week. We also spent the afternoon in The Eco Area on Thursday making up stories about different minibeasts. The children were very creative .


The children are working really well together now and help each other often. They are so good at it, even down to helping each other on to the  swing, creating the boundary where other children can't walk in to  and pushing the swing, the teachers aren't actually needed anymore! We can just take the photos!!


The Reception children this week had a wonderful time on Tuesday, with Mrs Somerville. They worked hard on their pop up books on The Easter Story and then spent time outside.


Week 3 




This week we learnt about worms, spiders, bees and snails! We wrote some amazing non fiction texts. The children now know so many facts about Minibeasts! We started learning about the different habitats minibeasts like and have made our own habitats and left  them in the Eco Area as an investigation. We will return to them next week to find out which minibeasts go to which habitats. The children were also really interested in learning about worms and are very keen on making a wormery.

We have been very creative and made bees, snails and spiders using a variety of different media.


We spent a lot of time in the Eco Area hunting for minibeasts.



We also spent time  finding things to make minibeast habitats. We are investigating which habitats the minibeasts go and visit over the course of a week. We will return next week to find out.


We really enjoyed all the visitors for Life Lesson's Week.

A police lady came in and told us about her job. the children enjoyed listening and then trying on her uniform.




A Oral Health Educator came in and talked to us about how to keep our teeth healthy. We learnt about good foods for our teeth and some that aren't so good. we were interested to find out when it is ok to eat sugar.  We also  learnt how many teeth we should have now and we all counted our teeth.


  We had a visit from an Estate Agent who explained how he sells houses. The children were really interested to find out how much he uses Maths, English and Technology in his job to help him make brochures, measure rooms and gardens and draw  diagrams. They loved his laser to measure rooms. 

Finally we had a visit from  a Special Educational Needs Teacher. The children were really interested to find out how she teaches children with profound disabilities. They found out that she has to teach by using the children's senses a lot. Class 1 loved using their sense of sight, hearing and touch to enjoy a story.

Remember it is our class assembly next Thursday at 3pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please help your child to practice their words this week. Some children will have letters in their book bags about bringing special clothes in. Please could they come in as soon as possible.


Week 2

This week we learnt about caterpillars and butterflies. We learnt the lifecycle of a butterfly and acted it out. The children then retold the lifecycle putting the stages in order. They used technical vocabulary and great describing words.

​Through our continuous provision activities we furthered our learning about a variety of different minibeasts, particularly looking at insects. 


The children sorted them in a variety of ways.



We have started learning about plants and what they need to grow. Everybody has planted a seed and is going to keep a diary of what is happening to the seed on a weekly basis.




Everybody really enjoyed Forest Schools this week and showed some superb team work. Together the class built an amazing den. Each child played their part and they all worked as a team. Mrs Pattison was VERY impressed with them.


On Thursday we enjoyed World Book Day. Some Year 6 children helped us to read our favourite books and then they worked with our class to make something to help us talk about the story.









Week  1

This week we enjoyed launching our new topic Minibeasts. We investigated lots of different minibeasts to get an understanding of what we would be learning about. We enjoyed using microscopes to make close observations and then completing Bug observation Forms.


 We learnt lots of amazing facts about beetles and ladybirds and did some brilliant non fiction writing.


We played lots of team games such a Ladybird Number Bingo and Build a Beetle.




We learnt how to add the suffix 'ed' to a verb to make it a past tense and we learnt how to add the suffixes 'er' and 'est' to a root word.   We read lots of Ladybird stories and used Look Out Ladybird in our own writing.

We continued practising  Fundamental Movement Skills and this week learnt the seated balance. We  extended it to learn how to do perform a seated balance holding up 1 arm, and 1 leg.  



Holding our bodies still and straight,  and holding the balance for 10 seconds is really developing the our core muscles. Of course we did the mile a day run 3 times this week and enjoyed a dance and P.A.S  P.E lesson as well. The children made up their own dances showing the lifecycle of a ladybird. They were amazing.

On Thursday the children LOVED their first Forest Schools lesson with Mrs Pattison. They practised good listening; found out what the sessions will help them  develop;  learnt key skills such as how to  use tools and  played team work games. They especially enjoyed blindfolding each other and then guiding their partner. This  developed huge trust between the children and strengthened their relationships.





Well done Class 1 for a great first week back.



​Week 6

The children had a superb  last week of this half term.
On Monday they did their Big Write and everybody drew a picture of their favourite polar animal. Lots of children then wrote brilliant  sentences giving lots of factual information.   In the afternoon we had our first of many outdoor learning opportunities this week. We had a walk down to the canal basin to look at signs of nature. the children were very good at looking for detail. They took photographs of nature that interested them and we then used the photographs in class to paint. They loved using water colours for the first time and creating different effects.


On Tuesday the children enjoyed a great PE session with Adam and then did lots of learning about Shrove Tuesday and Chinese New Year. They loved learning about the story of the zodiac and the race to name the new year. The foundation stage children enjoyed picking one of the animals to be and acting out the story , racing across the river. When they played out later they played Nian the dragon. They had a very busy day!
On Wednesday everybody had a superb day. We walked along the canal in to Whaley Bridge looking for signs of winter, we also noticed lots of other things that we had been learning about this term. The children were able to answer all of my questions; such as why their  noise was louder inside the bridge than when they were outside of it and why we could see 2 metal bridges, 1  going over the water and what looked like one in the water.




We went to the bakery where the children had to ask for what they would like and they paid their money themselves. We walked to the park to enjoy our treat. Afterwards everybody used some brilliant physical skills on the play equipment. They ran, pushed, climbed, balanced, negotiated spaces and  decided how to approach a challenge. Furthermore, they helped each other on equipment and were brilliant friends. All of the children walked back from the park despite feeling tired. The whole morning really highlighted the benefits  our mile a day run, daily physical exercise  and our many PE lessons each week are having on the children, making them  stronger, fitter and  more determined.




Well done Class 1 for working really hard all term. I hope you all have a restful and relaxing holiday and come back fully charged. Next term our topic is Minibeasts and it is going to be fun.

Week 5    1.2.16

Last week our focus was  The Antarctic. The children  all learnt so much and  all became experts! The Year 1 children wrote amazing non chronological reports. They included a big, bold title, subheadings, pictures, labels and  information in the present tense!! They are on our Antarctic display outside the classroom. Be sure to have a look. The Reception children wrote about animals in The Antarctic. They have been working on segmenting the words to hear all of the sounds. They also  produced some amazing work.





We were very creative and made papier mache globes. The children painted on the oceans, continents, The Arctic and The Antarctic.  They also made some superb penguins which will be displayed with The Antarctic non chronological reports.












The children spent time thinking about the weather in The Antarctic and enjoyed sorting clothes in to piles of those suitable to wear in The Antarctic and those that wouldn't be suitable.


During Travelling Tuesday the Year 1 children are learning lots. They are loving Computing with Mrs Pattison and often come back to class and practise their new skills  on the computers.They are really benefitting from Music with Ms Moore and from learning French with Mrs Rackstraw. Miss Wright has been very impressed with their drawing skills and their  focus during her art lessons and they have all enjoyed our R.E topic this term which has been Sacred Stories.
The Reception children have a wonderful time each week with Mrs Somerville. Last week they  learnt about ice melting. They conducted an experiment to find out where the pots of ice would melt the quickest. They made predictions, carried out their experiment and collected their findings. Not being content at learning this much, they then extended their learning even further and thought about dissolving. They made jelly to see it in action.

 Look at the amazing pictures on Tapestry to see and read what your child got up to.


Next Wednesday we are planning a trip to Whaley Bridge Park . Please look in  your child's bag for the letter and consent form. Please return this as soon as possible. If you could volunteer  for the morning, please see Miss Crombleholme. Year 1 parents, please also look for a letter about Parents Evening next term.  



Week 4 25.1.16
We continued learning about The Arctic and particularly focused on what it is like for people and animals that live there. We looked at the daylight hours in Tromso in Norway and were amazed to find out that sometimes it is dark all day and all night, also that in the middle of their summer the sun never sets!
We thought about  what clothes people would need to wear in The Arctic and watched a video of Inuit children  going outside. We made peg  people and selected suitable materials to make clothes for them. The children were also really interested to find out that most Inuit children go to Boarding school for 8 months of the year. Surprisingly, none of our class thought they would prefer that school system!


The Reception children enjoyed thinking about time on Travelling Tuesdays and worked really hard  to make their own clocks. They enjoyed using 'O Clock' to play What time is it Mr Wolf? when they went outside

In Literacy the children have been writing their own story using arctic animals as characters. Their stories are brilliant and show fantastic progress.
In Science we continued the theme of light and carried out an investigation to find out which source of light was the strongest. the children listened well to how to carry out the investigation and then both year groups , if they wanted to, carried out an investigation, recorded their findings and answered questions on them. Well done all the budding scientists.