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Y4 Sleepover at Station House, Buxworth

All the Y4s came to our sleepover at Station house, Buxworth.  Thank you to miss Quick for her excellent fire buiding and singing campfire songs ability!  Also to Elizabeth for her song about the man who worked in a button factory.  I tihnk his name was Joe.

Station House has enclosed grassed and decked areas separated by hedges and low walls.  There's a fire pit outside, and woodland nearby.  It is a perfect setting for foraging for fuel, lighting a fire and toasting marshmallows for s'mores.  An excellent time was had by all.  Some of us took longer than others to make beds up but we all got there in the end.  Breakfast was interrupted by a steam train passing by.  Everyone got to the fence in time to see it.  Our happiness was complete.

  • Station Road,
  • Buxworth,
  • High Peak,
  • Derbyshire,
  • SK23 7NJ.
  • Tel: 01663 732426