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Life Lesson: Frank Seddon

Frank Seddon visited Cass 4 today.

My favourite subject at school was art. I did well at ‘A’ level. I got an A in geology; a B in art and a C in geography. I went to university in Leeds to study art. If you do art there are a lot of different things you can specialise in. There’s painting, sculpture and graphic design. Graphic design is more commercial. In my course I did photography as well as art. Everything you look at has probably been designed at some point.

After my degree I did a post-graduate course so I could teach art and design. My first job was teaching art and design at Stockport College. I had a class of twenty 16 year olds. They didn’t give me any guidance - I just had to get on with it. That’s where I learnt to talk to people. After 30 years I got fed up with it and left.

I designed and wrote some books – about earwigs, newts and daddy long legs…but they weren’t published. But Minnie’s Mum and Dad were setting up a business and they asked me to design a logo.

There are many jobs you can have in graphic designs (different specialisms): food packaging; visuals of new buildings (for architects); magazine design; advertising; websites. I use Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Indesign. The favourite part of my job is when I’ve finished and I like it . I love all aspects of my job except…if I haven’t got enough time to finish a job because if you haven’t got enough time, you make mistakes.

If Ms Moore designs a cream that you can rub on your chin and it produces a beard in 20 minutes, the advertising agency produces several versions of a logo. Graphic designers can produce logos that are strong and powerful if that’s what the client needs. I’d use a glass jar with a plastic lid so it can be recycled. It’s sad that the sea is so polluted by plastic products (little pellets). The problem with the cream is that the beard grows fast and keeps growing…

I designed a ‘Guy Martin’ truck. He came to my office and I gave him lots of ideas. He didn’t choose the one I thought was best!

I do a calendar of trucks every year. Every month I do an advert for ‘Trucking’ magazine. Trucks look best if you photograph them from low down. I’m often lying in the road taking photographs…

If you love a subject it doesn’t feel like work.

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