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Groundforce Sunday (more picures in 'Community' on the website)

What a day! So many parents and children contributed to make this a fantastic day where so much was achieved for the school. The ECO area was cleared to make it easier to use again. The garden is almost ready for planting. Everywhere was pruned and weeded to make it neat and clean around the school. The pencil fence and train were prepared and painted. The windows by Class 4 were cleared of plants then immediately cleaned! The cuttings were cleared away, paths brushed and gates washed down. There is just too much to list. People donated paint, wood varnish and stain, brushes, cakes, time and energy. Parents and children worked incredibly hard and cheerfully. It was so much fun some came for an hour and stayed all day (yes - really!). The children were fantastic. They helped to paint the fence, treated the wood, helped with the train, cleared the pruned branches, fetched and carried, washed everything in sight and were, quite honestly, unbelievably helpful and hard working for hours and hours. When you come to school, have a good look at the results of our hard work, and look for our next SOS day! 
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