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Blue Cross Charity Sale at Hallowe'en disco!

Cavan, Dylan, Ethan and Tom had a brilliant idea. They planned and organised a sale at the Hallowe'en disco.  Because of their hard work they raised £40.10.


Here's what the Blue Cross charity said:
'Thank you very much for showing your support with a donation of £ 40.10. We’ll put it to work helping sick, injured and homeless pets as soon as we can.
It’s wonderful to know that people like you care so much about animals because without your support we simply wouldn’t be able to do our lifesaving work.
Last year we helped more than 35,000 poorly and unwanted dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other small pets. Our vision is that every pet will enjoy a healthy life in a happy home – thanks to you, we are now a step closer to achieving this.'

  • Station Road,
  • Buxworth,
  • High Peak,
  • Derbyshire,
  • SK23 7NJ.
  • Tel: 01663 732426