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“It has been said that Music is both an art and a science that needs to be emotionally appreciated and intellectually understood.” (Karolyi; ‘Introducing Music’)


  1. At Buxworth Primary School we aim to:
    • develop understanding and knowledge of music through performing, composition, improvisation and listening activities.
    • develop creativity and original thinking
    • develop self-confidence and self-discipline through music making and performing for an audience at major bi-annual school concerts, an annual performance at a local high school, three performances a year in the local church and many other performance opportunities in school
    • encourage perseverance in problem solving
    • ensure continuity, differentiation and progression of learning
    • introduce a variety of musical styles from different times and cultures and attend a live performance at least once a year

2. We follow a programme of study based on the QCA units and aim to provide first-hand musical experiences which are absorbing and challenging to engage pupils’ continuing enthusiasm so their appreciation and understanding of music can be developed. As well as visits from musicians, this includes performances by staff, participating in Young Voices at the MEN arena and attending concerts by the Halle Orchestra and local musicians. We also participate in concerts with other local schools. 

Following on from the Wider Opportunities initiative they accessed in Y3/4, some Y5/6 pupils have chosen to continue tuition in flute, clarinet or saxophone. For all children with particular interest there is the opportunity to learn the guitar and the recorder in extra-curricular clubs, which are provided free of charge. All children use tuned and unturned percussion instruments in class lessons (including the use of hand bells) and we aim for all children to receive at least one year's tuition on an instrument through Wider Opportunities during KS2.

Pupils perform in a wide variety of events through the year, including two performances in church. All the children perform in a musical drama at Christmas, and KS2 children are involved in an end of year concert.


  1. Equal Opportunities: All children, regardless of ability (including gifted), ethnicity, gender, educational need and social circumstances have equal access to the curriculum and we aim to ensure they make maximum progress.
  2. Health and Safety
    • Instruments are stored appropriately
    • Care is encouraged when transporting instruments
    • Attention is drawn to the dangers of electronic equipment
    • We ensure the hygienic use of blowing instrument
  3. Assessment and Recording: This is based on the end of key stage statements and supported by observations, written work, discussion and pupil self-evaluation. Formal reporting takes place within the annual report to parents.
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