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Monday 5th July

Good Morning Year 3. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I am looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom later!


Today we would like you try and work your way through these activities:



For Maths today, start by practising the times tables you are currently focusing on. You could count in steps, access TTRockstars for 10 minutes or ask someone at home to ask you questions to see what you can remember. 


For the main lesson you will be completing Lesson 1: Equivalent Fractions (1) on Power Maths. Please do the following:

1. Log in to Bug Club.

2. Click on 'My stuff' and then click on 'Power Maths'.

3. What the video 'Unit 10, Lesson1: Equivalent Fractions'.

4. Open up Lesson 1 - Equivalent Fractions (1). Change the page layout to 'single page view'.

5. Complete the questions on the discover page and then turn to the share page to go through your answers.

6. Complete the next two pages: Think together and the Challenge questions.



Starter: begin by clicking on this link to practise finding nouns, verbs and adjectives. Once you have found all the nouns, click on verbs or adjectives in the top right corner and find those too.

Finding nouns, verbs and adjectives


Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing a Unit on Instruction writing - this is something you have done before so we will be recapping how to write instructions today and then we will start planning and writing later in the week. Today I'd like you write your own instructions as a practise. You can decide what the instructions are about but if you are unsure, write instructions for how to make your breakfast or lunch. I'd like you to include these things:

  • Heading eg How to make a sandwich
  • Sub-headings eg Equipment, Ingredients, Method 
  • Numbers for each point
  • A picture of what you have made

Think about starting each point with an adverb of time: first, then, after that, when you are ready, finally.

Think about using imperative (bossy) verbs: put, get, stir, spread, cut.



In school we always have 15 minutes reading time after lunch. I'd like you to spend 15 minutes reading to yourself or to a grown up at home. You can read your school book, choose a book from your bug club allocations or read a book from home. Make sure you write in your reading diary for dojos once you are back in school.



Our current Science topic is 'Animals Including Humans'. Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about teeth and today I will set up the tooth decay investigation that we planned last week. In this investigation we are going to use boiled eggs to represent teeth. Each boiled egg will be placed in a beaker of liquid and we will observe the eggs over a week to see what happens to them. We planned to use water, milk, apple juice, orange juice and coke. I will show you the eggs on our afternoon Zoom!


Today I'd like you to write the method for our investigation on the sheet attached below (just the first page of the PDF). Please being these to school when you return as we will be adding them to your Science books! Remember to include these points, but write in full sentences:

  • get equipment
  • measure liquid into beakers
  • put eggs in liquid
  • observe what happens
  • record observations


Try to also get some exercise, either inside or in the garden. You could do a Joe Wicks PE session or make your own home workout.

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