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Maths tasks

These are BBC bitesize revision and catch up MATHS specific lessons. The lessons chosen cover different strands on the National Curriculum.


Choose one of the lessons from below.


Please complete the whole lesson; the video, the work card, the quiz and any other activity.


Challenge yourselves




Rounding Decimals

Compare and order Decimals

Prime Numbers

Adding Decimals 1

Adding Decimals 2

Calculate the area of a triangle

Adding 2 or more mixed number fractions

Writing percentages as fractions and decimals

Recognising and Understanding Percentages

Finding Percentages of amounts


Multiply and divide by 10,100,1000

Measuring Angles

Angles on a straight line

Multiples and Factors

Adding Numbers 4 digits or more using the Standard Written Method (SWM)

Prime Numbers and Square Numbers

Converting Metric Measurements

Multiplication using the Standard Written Method (SWM)

Equivalent Fractions

Compare and then Order Fractions

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