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Warm up

A good way to warm up is with a Daily 10 - you are used to doing these in class with Mrs Turega! Select Level 3 and then choose a topic - addition, subtraction, multiplication or division is a good place to start. You can then choose how quickly you want the questions to appear. If you want a challenge, choose a low time interval or if you need a bit more time choose a higher one. The answers will appear at the end so you can mark your work.

Problem of the day

Why not complete a problem of the day, each day. Although they were produced for 2019, they are still very useful today. 













Home learning - Autumn Term 2


Here you will find more lessons from the BBC Bitesize home learning page as well as some workbooks to print out and complete. You do not need to complete the lessons from Autumn Term 1 first but you can still access them if you would like to. Complete one lesson a day plus a game, warm up activity or a problem of the day.

Home learning - Daily lessons

Lesson 1 - Add two 2-digit numbers:

Lesson 2 - Add two 3-digit numbers:

Lesson 3 - Subtract two 3-digit numbers:

Lesson 4 - Efficient addition and subtraction methods:

Lesson 5 - Odd and Even number:

Lesson 6 - Making arrays:

Lesson 7 - Describing arrays:

Lesson 8 - Please download and complete the Place Value workbook 

Lesson 9 - Please download and complete the Addition and Subtraction workbook

Lesson 10 - Please download and complete the Multiplication and Division workbook




Home learning - Autumn Term 1

Home learning lessons

BBC Bitesize have created some fantastic daily lessons for maths. Each lesson includes a video on how to support your learning and one or two activities for you to complete.  Complete one lesson each day, in the order below.


Lesson 1 - Represent numbers to 100

Lesson 2 - Partitioning into 10s and 1s

Lesson 3 - Count in 2s

Lesson 4 - Count in 5s

Lesson 5 - Count in 10s

Lesson 6 - Order objectives and numbers

Lesson 7 - Numbers to 100 in numerals and words

Lesson 8 - 10 more and 10 less

Lesson 9 - Fact families

Lesson 10 - add and subtract 2 digit and 1 digit numbers

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