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We would like you to complete 1 Maths activity each day.


Warm up

A good way to warm up is with a Daily 10 - you are used to doing these in class with Mrs Turega! Select Level 3 and then choose a topic - addition, subtraction, multiplication or division is a good place to start. You can then choose how quickly you want the questions to appear. If you want a challenge, choose a low time interval or if you need a bit more time choose a higher one. The answers will appear at the end so you can mark your work.

Maths games

Maths games are a great way to practise your maths skills. Try a different game each day, just click on the links below:

Here's a link to a maths video game:

Home learning lessons

BBC Bitesize have created some fantastic daily lessons for maths. Each lesson includes a video on how to support your learning and one or two activities for you to complete.  Complete one lesson each day, in the order below.


Lesson 1 - Represent numbers to 100

Lesson 2 - Partitioning into 10s and 1s

Lesson 3 - Count in 2s

Lesson 4 - Count in 5s

Lesson 5 - Count in 10s

Lesson 6 - Order objectives and numbers

Lesson 7 - Numbers to 100 in numerals and words

Lesson 8 - 10 more and 10 less

Lesson 9 - Fact families

Lesson 10 - add and subtract 2 digit and 1 digit numbers

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