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Choose 1 of the activities below to complete each day. Click on the headings to follow the links. Some have clips to watch that will help you and you may have a choice of activity. You do not have to complete all the activities. Read the descriptions for some hints to help you. If you are inspired to do something extra such as draw a picture or write a story linked to what you've done, we'd love to hear about it!

Grammar Activity - Using Adjectives

We have been learning about adjectives in school. Watch the clip about the faraway tree and see if you can describe the different lands. You could draw a picture and label it to help you. Click on the link for more instructions.


Grammar Activity - Identifying Verbs

Refresh your memory on verbs by completing these activities. There is an online activity, quiz and a chance for you to think of your own verbs and put them into sentences.


Grammar Activity - Four Types of Sentence

We have been practising writing sentences using capital letters and full stops consistently. Watch the clip about the four types of sentences and then complete an activity to practise what you have learnt.


Writing Activity - Describing a Setting

This term we are writing stories. We will be using adjectives to describe the setting. Watch the clip and then have a go at describing some of the settings. Start by thinking of adjectives (describing words) and then put them into sentences. Draw a picture to help you.


Writing activity - Creating Characters

This term we are writing stories. We will be using adjectives to describe the characters in the story. Work through the activities and create your own character. If you are stuck for ideas, you could describe Sonny the Meerkat from Meerkat Mail.


Writing Activity - Writing a Description or a Story

Look closely at what is happening in this picture. Talk to a grown up about what you can see.

Can you name the animals?

What are they doing?

Write a description using adjectives to describe what is happening or you could write your own story about the animals in the picture. Make sure you use capital letters and full stops.


Reading Activity - The Lion and the Mouse Comprehension

This term we are reading lots of Fables as part of our On Safari Topic. We will also be writing our own. Choose the text and questions you think will best suit you with a little challenge (there are three levels). If you have access to a printer, you may find it easier to print out. If not, read the text on screen and then answer the questions by telling a grown up or write your answers on a piece of paper.

Reading Activity - Finding Information

Watch the clip and listen to David Walliams reading an extract from 'Slime'. Rather than record the activities on paper, I suggest you talk to your grown up about the text, making sure you understand all the words, particularly those in the table in Activity 1.


Reading and Writing Activity - Book Review

Read your reading book or a shorter book you have at home. Then write a book review. What was the book about? What was your favourite part? Would you recommend it to a friend? Click the link for a sheet to help guide your writing.

Speaking and Listening Activity - Meerkat Mail

This term we have been reading Meerkat Mail. Can you retell the story of Sonny the Meerkat to a grown up at home. Alternatively, you could write the story down. Try to remember to describe where Sonny lived in the Kalahari Desert, why he wanted to leave, where he went and what happened at the end.

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