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Winter Festivals ! Our topic this term is wintery themed! Please see this term's plans to find out about what the children will be learning!

We made a shop and cafe! This term the children have been learning all about pounds and pence. They have tackled money word problems and learnt how to identify the correct coins and notes. We thought what better way to try out their skills than to create their own real scenarios to experience it ! They had to find the correct money to pay and even calculate the correct change! Well done Horse Chestnuts!

Pumpkin Experiments! The children looked at 3 different sized pumpkins, estimated the weights of each and guessed how many seeds would be in each one. They then used their maths skills to put the seeds into piles of 10 to help them count !

Our topic: The children have designed fairy gardens with magic keys using clay and natural materials. We planted 'magic beans' and The children carried out scientific experiments to learn about what plants need to grow ! In Maths we measured our beanstalks each week and compared growth from one week to the next.

Making play dough! The children followed instructions on how to make it, they then made hedgehogs from it and wrote hedgehog fact files!

The children discover a letter from the Buxworth Fairies and make woodland creatures from natural materials found in the woods.

Welcome to the new term! Our Topic is The Enchanted Woodland. Please read our curriculum overview to discover all the exciting things the children will do in this topic!

Year 1 and 2 tricky words booklet 6.7.20

Look at Harry's amazing joined up handwriting! Excellent work well done Harry!

Seba has been busy writing horror stories and designing boats! Amazing work well done!

Check out Clara's awesome counting poem, called '10 Little Dogs!'

KS1 reading comprehension 29.6.20

Year 1 and 2 handwriting and spelling practise sheets

Year 2 Project Pack 29.6.20

Year 1 Project Pack 29.6.20

Year 2 Project Pack 22.6.20

Year 1 Project Pack 22.6.20

Year 2 addition and subraction workbooklet 22.6.20

KS1 Spelling booklet 22.6.20

Year 2 homophones worksheet 22.6.20

Year 2 English Booklet to complete over the week 15.6.20

Year 1 and 2 Project Packs 15.6.20 . This week is all about water !

Maths links and challenges for years 1 and 2 week commencing 8.6.20

Year 2 Project Pack week commencing 8.6.20

Year 1 Project Pack week commencing 8.6.20

Clara has delved into the depths of space this week: exploring a space station and Mars as well as writing an awesome adventure story about puppies who help a martian find his lost teddy! What an incredible imagination! Well done Clara!

Ethan has written a fantastic story about a 'Pirate Stickman' who gets swallowed by a shark! Brilliant writing Ethan well done!

Edward has written a brilliant story about the journey of Cody the butterfly! Excellent writing with great use of conjunctions, description and commas. Well done Ed!

Hello! Hope you had a lovely half term enjoying this fabulous weather!


This week please explore the year 1 and 2 project packs as well as extra phonics, reading and writing challenges. Please do what you can :)


 Feel free to email in any work to the office : ) 

Year 1 Project pack week commencing Monday 1st June

Year 2 Project Pack week commencing Monday 1st June

Phonics Lessons

Story Writing Challenge! Week commencing Monday 1st June

Super Reading Challenge ! Week commencing Monday 1st June

Georgia has been learning all about King Henry VIII, and even his successors ! Check out this amazing work! Well done Georgia!

Ethan's fabulous caterpillar butterfly story creation! Well done Ethan! We love it! : )

Clara made up her own magical character called 'Lightning Diver' check it out it! Well done Clara : )

Check out what Georgia has made - a pyramid masterpiece! Well done Georgia !

Look at Clara's wonderful book all about 2 dogs who meet lots of birds, titled 'Finley and Lily's Adventures' Super work well done Clara : )

Ava has been very busy researching the pyramids and doing some fantastic writing. She has also made her very own fairy bug hotel!

Look at William's awesome bug hotel and plants ! Well done William : )

Sam has been busy making playdough and building his own Pyramid! Amazing work : )

Weekly Planner week commencing Monday 18th May

Wow look at Jacob's amazing 'war time dumplings' inspired by VE day. Well done Jacob :)

Check out Poppy's fantastic exploring and creativity !

Look at Leyton's brilliant Buxworth Poster!

Jacob's fantastic forest school exploring !

Home Learning Weekly Planner week commencing Monday 11th May

Check out this fantastic mood board made by Clara :)

Home Learning Planner week commencing Monday 4th May

Weekly Planner week commencing Monday 27th April

Welcome to the summer term!


Please find below a weekly planner with a guideline to your child's home learning this week. The resources and work are underneath this ready to download for your child to complete throughout the week.


Wherever possible please hear your child read for 15 mins each day, as well as spellings, handwriting and times tables to keep their brains ticking during this unusual time! 


Hope everyone is well and safe and we hope to see you all very soon!


Mrs Tamkin 

Weekly Planner and time table week commencing 20th April

Phonics and Spelling Punctuation and Grammar work (SPaG)

Spellings and handwriting year 1 and 2 for 20th April

Rice Crispy Cake Recipe

Home learning week commencing:

Monday 30th March 2020


Please make sure you are reading each day with your child ideally for around 15 mins per day.


You could also do 15 mins of the following each day with your child:

Times tables




Below is this week’s ‘weekly planner’ with all resources attached below. This is just a guideline as to how you might set out home learning with your child during the week.


I have also attached some great educational online links where printing may be an issue.


Kind Regards


Mrs Tamkin

Year 1 and 2 useful online resources 30.3.20

Home learning: 


Please can you make sure you read with your child each morning and evening where possible. The children have been given extra books to accommodate this. 


These are the other activities you could be doing for 15 minutes each day: 



Times Tables 



All attachments for the children's home learning are available to download and print off (where possible) on the Horse Chestnut class page. This can be done any time and in any order.


If you are unable to access the online documents, we will also be issuing each child with a paper home learning booklet so if access to the online resources is not possible the children can complete the booklets they will be given at the end of the week (20th March). 



Kind Regards 


Mrs Tamkin

The Horse Chestnuts are studying pirates this term ! They are already very excited to partake in lots of pirate learning journeys including making our classroom into a pirate museum for parents to enjoy! All of our curriculum plans are found on the curriculum letter attached.


The pictures show the Horse Chestnut class really getting stuck in to playing at pirates in forest schools in our first week back; building pirate ships and using natural materials in the woods to imagine steering the ship and climbing the rigging!


The children this week have been learning about healthy eating and the importance of vitamins in our diet. With that in mind, we looked into why pirates got scurvy and then created our own delicious lemon and lime cocktails as a solution to avoid scurvy and to practise these tasty refreshments ready for our pirate museum open day where the children will be serving drinks and snacks themselves! We are also going to be writing instructions on how to create this refreshing drink at home.


We have been reading the book ‘Class 3 all at Sea’ whereby the children have acted out the story, making some brilliant freeze frames in groups, as well as having a go at retelling the story involving pirates, children and a big friendly octopus who saves the day. We will also be looking at various authors who have written pirate stories and the children will be choosing their favourite.

Autumn Term Two - Superheroes!

Welcome to the new term. The children will be creating their own superheroes this term complete with their own name, superpower, designing a costume and making a vehicle. We will look at superheroes vs villains, with the aim of getting them to write their own story which we can then act out and film. Please see our curriculum overview to find out what else is in store! 

The Greatest Show and Tell Video

Still image for this video

Autumn Term: The Circus comes to town

The Circus Comes to Town! Our Curriculum over view letter reveals all of the fun and educational activities planned for our Autumn topic of 'The circus'. We can't wait to get stuck in! If you haven't received a 'Circus comes to town' curriculum overview letter please come and ask for a copy. 

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