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Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding

Through the creative curriculum, we aim to cover and go beyond the statutory requirements of the new National Curriculum (2014) for History and Geography, over a two year cycle.

In History we aim to develop historical concepts and skills through the use of books, photographs, first-hand accounts and artefacts. Our children will learn about significant people, events and places from the recent and more distant past. They will learn about change in their own area, in Britain and in other parts of the world. They will use the different sources of information to investigate History and learn that it can be interpreted in different ways.

Our Geography lessons will deepen children’s understanding of their locality and the wider world. They will investigate people, places and the environment in the United Kingdom and abroad, and start to make links between different places in the world. We will help our children to acquire the skills they need to read maps and we will encourage a responsible attitude to the world and its resources.

The values and ethos required for children to live in modern Britain permeate our curriculum. Diversity and tolerance are taught and celebrated.

National Curriculum - History and Geography programmes of study for KS1 and KS2

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