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Friday 5th

Friday 5th February  

Good morning Sycamore class. 

Here are the activities I would like you to complete today.

I suggest trying to do the English and Maths in the morning. You can print the work if you want to or you can read from the screen and answer on paper. Please save anything you do to bring into school once we are back so we can have a look at it. You can also ask your grown-ups to e-mail photos of your work to me each day if you want.


1) English


Today you have choice for your English lesson! In the resources section are two tasks: 'Cinderella' and 'The Troll'. Click on each and choose which you would like to complete today. Look carefully at the picture, then read and answer the questions. These are for you to talk about (if you have someone available to talk to) or to think about - you don't need to record your answers and there is no right or wrong answer! Then read the story starter and have a go at carrying it on. Think about everything you have learned over the last few weeks. Can you include a question, some adverbs or some complex sentences? If you have your own idea for a different story based on the picture, that is OK too. I'd love to hear some stories later on Zoom.


2) Maths


1. Spend about 15 minutes on TT Rock Stars. (If you’d like your table changing, let me know via email)

2. Open up the ‘Mental Maths’ activity from the resource section below. 

3. Today in Maths we will be using what we’ve learnt and challenging ourselves to solve 2 step problems involving multiplication. Each of the questions in the ‘Multiplication problems (2 step)’ activity require you to work out one part before you move onto the second. This can be quite tricky so make sure you write everything down. If you can, ask an adult to help you.


3) Spellings

Have a go at the spelling activity below to practise your spellings.


4) Topic


Today we will be looking at physics again, specifically how to keep our hot chocolate warm whilst we’re out at forest schools. Open the ‘Keeping Drinks Warm’ activity from the resource section below. Follow the instructions to find the best solution.


5) Children’s Mental Health Week


This afternoon we will be chilling out with some mindfulness colouring. I love colouring in, it really takes mind of what I’m worrying about and it makes me really happy. In the resource section below, open up the ‘Mindfulness colouring’ activity. Choose one or more of your favourites and get colouring (You can save the rest for when you feel like you need so chill out over the weekend). Alternatively, you could create your own picture on plain paper.


Forest School


Getting out and about is also great for your mental health. Miss Quick has designed a wonderful forest school activity for today. Open up the ‘Forest School’ activity from the resource section below
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  • Buxworth,
  • High Peak,
  • Derbyshire,
  • SK23 7NJ.
  • Tel: 01663 732426