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Friday 2nd July


Spend 10 minutes practising your spellings. Practise them in your favourite way e.g. play hangman, write them out in rainbow colours or draw a picture to help remember the spelling word. 



1. Log on to Bug Club.

2. Click on 'My Stuff' and open up the story 'While I am sleeping'.

3. Read the story and answer the quiz questions as you are reading.

4. Open and complete the comprehension activities. Please excuse the watermark on the pages. You can either print it off and write over it or write your answers on a piece of paper.  


Before the lesson - please ask someone in your house to test you on your times tables.


1. You will need to login to Bug Club.

2. Click on 'My stuff' then click on 'Power Maths'.

3. What the video 'Finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less '.

4. Open up Lesson 7 - Finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less . Change the page layout to 'single page view'. 

5. Complete the questions on the discover page then turn to the share page to go through your answers.

6. Complete the next two pages - Think together and the Challenge questions.



We have been learning to use Logo on Turtle Academy. Please complete lesson 6 - Loops. Once you have followed all the instructions, step by step, you can practise your new skills in the Playground.


Let's get active with the help of Cosmic kids and Harry Potter. Follow the link and join in with the fun.

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