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Friday 12th

You Choose Friday

The half term holiday is almost here so as a treat, you are going to be in charge today (and there are now online videos in sight!)

Below are a list of 10 activities, you have to choose 4 of them to complete today. You MUST choose at least one from the Maths section; at least one from the English section and then any two others you like. All the resources can be found in the resource section below. Click each one for more instructions.



  • Reading Comprehension (Treasure Island. Pick your level, « is easy, «« is medium and ««« is challenge
  • SPaG Mat (Complete as many boxes as you can)
  • Story Starter (Read the story starter, look at the picture and carry on the story)



  • Maths Mat (Answer as many boxes as you can)
  • Times tables colour by number (answer the questions to colour the picture correctly)
  • Ultimate Times tables (Answer as many of the Ultimate times tables as you can)



  • Scavenger hunt (Open up the Scavenger hunt resource and set off outside or in your house to find the items)
  • Coding (Click on Animate a Name - CS First   and follow the instructions to learn how to animate your own name)
  • Film Project (Choose something that you like doing or that interests you and then make a short movie about it. It could be dancing, yoga, drawing, craft, multiplying….anything! )
  • Design a machine (Look at the instruction sheet and then get designing)



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