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What is Enterprise Education?

‘Ready’ projects aim to work with all young people to ensure a progressive development of enterprise skills, qualities and knowledge. A young person’s enterprise learning journey should build on previous experiences, reinforcing previous learning and challenging them on to the next stage of development. The result is that enterprise is not seen as a bolt on – it is seen as an approach to teaching and learning and a way of giving new purpose and meaning to the curriculum.

At the heart of the ‘Ready’ approach are the Big 13 – the enterprise skills education and business leaders identified that young people would need to be successful and ensure they can participate in and contribute to a thriving economy. At Buxworth, these skills are embedded into school life and the curriculum so that teachers and learners are excited about embracing the language and concepts of enterprise. There is an emphasis on self-reflection and review so learners develop an understanding of their strengths and understand how to address their weaknesses.

The Big 13 skills are:

o   Team work – working together to get the best results
o   Risk – identifying and managing threats and opportunities
o   Negotiating and Influencing – communicating for win-win solutions
o   Effective Communication – confidence and skills to communicate with different people
o   Creativity and Innovation – imagination, exploration and courage
o   Positive Attitude – staying optimistic, motivated and energetic
o   Initiative – willingness, ability and action
o   Organising and Planning – prioritising tasks and managing time, workload and finances
o   Problem Solving – defining, imagining and deciding
o   Leadership – providing motivation, direction and support for your team
o   Making Ethical Decisions – how decisions we make can impact on the lives of others and the environment
o   Financial Literacy – budgeting, managing money and understanding risks
o   Product and Service Design- well made, functional, desirable and right for the customer
o   We aim to ensure that the Enterprise Process is fun, engaging, develops skills and gives pupils ownership of their learning.
o   We aim to create opportunities for our children to take the lead, take risks, make decisions and explore what they are capable of.
o   We aim to give all pupils an opportunity to achieve and that every child will find something they are good at. We will support pupils so all learners can find strengths within themselves.
Enterprise Learning – The Curriculum
Enterprise is embedded within the curriculum as an integral part of the philosophy of the school. 
Enterprise Learning shows how learning is applied to the world of work and business. Through site visits and visitors to school, pupils can see what they can do with skills, knowledge and the right attitude in the real world.
Enterprise Learning is active learning. The process of plan-do-review makes learning engaging, fun and develops pupil responsibility.
Enterprise Learning raises aspirations. It exposes pupils to situations and role models that will inspire them.
Enterprise learning develops pupil’s awareness of the world in which they live, with all its challenges and opportunities.
Enterprise in Practice
Enterprise skills are taught explicitly to all children and each class will display the Big 13 in their classrooms.
Planning clearly highlights the progression of enterprise skills and application throughout the school. Planning highlights enterprise skills to be developed across the curriculum. Each class should undertake one larger scale project during the school year, but on-going plans should reflect the Big 13.
Appropriate teaching and learning styles and strategies are used to develop enterprise awareness and understanding.
Enterprising behaviour and attitudes are modelled by all adults in school.
Staff recognise and celebrate enterprising behaviours.
Enterprise is actively celebrated through displays, newsletters, assemblies and in the local press.
Evidence of enterprise activity  and skills development is recorded by both staff and students using a variety of methods such as; photographs, case studies, film, sound, enterprise scrapbooks/diaries.

Roles and Responsibilities
The Enterprise Subject Co-ordinator
o   Will continue to liaise with Derbyshire Ready to gain further training, ideas and support to then share with colleagues and pupils. 
o   Will monitor, review and evaluate the Enterprise teaching and learning opportunities.  Policy and practice will be reviewed annually, to take account of the changing curriculum and school focus as well as the world of work and new technologies.
o   Will monitor and support the planning process
The Class Teachers
o   Add to a portfolio of work showing how each of the skills have been developed in school. All enterprise education will be evidenced through examples of work, photographs and evaluations by both staff and pupils.
o   Embed the Big 13 into all planning, and plan for one larger scale Enterprise Project each year.
o   Display the language of the Big 13 in each classroom.
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