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Welcome to the Spring term!

We hope you've had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! The Chinese New Year welcomes the year of the Rat!


The Shang Dynasty

Our topic this term is the Shang Dynasty. As we embark on a journey to China, we will find out what China was like in the past and compare it to now. We will study Chinese art and inventions and explore the Ancient history of the Shang Dynasty.

Wednesday 5th February

Today, we learnt to count to 10 in Mandarin. Also, we learnt to read the numbers then we were able to answer multiplication questions that were set out in Mandarin. Some of us wrote our own Mandarin multiplication maths questions. 

Maths in Mandarin

Tuesday 4th February

Today we have been making maths real for the children. Yesterday, they learnt to read coordinates and today they moved on to plotting coordinates. Using a life-sized grid, the children learnt to plot themselves on the grid. They remembered to start at zero then they moved along the 'x' axis before they moved up the 'y' axis. 

Making Maths real!

Making Maths real! 1
Making Maths real! 2
Making Maths real! 3
Making Maths real! 4
Making Maths real! 5
Making Maths real! 6
Making Maths real! 7


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Monday 3rd February

Over the past few weeks, the children have worked incredibly hard to create a dance inspired by Chinese Martial Arts. They have learnt to use synchronised movements as a whole class and in small groups, and they have developed their flexibility, strength, control and balance.

The children have incorporated a wide range of Chinese training techniques into their dances: the horse stance, the forward stance, the cat stance, the twist stance, the crane stance, the side kick, the roundhouse kick, the hook kick, the spinning hook kick, the cresid kick, reverse punch, side punch, sleeve block and the rolling in/out punch. 

Watch the dance routines to see if you can spot any of the moves. 

Whole-class synchronised dancing

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martial arts dance.mp4

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group dances.mp4

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Monday 13th January


Today, during our Dance lesson, we learnt about the 5 main stances in Kung Fu and created choreography inspired by these positions. A huge element of the martial art Kung Fu, is the discipline of synchronised movement. Therefore, we practiced performing our Kung Fu-inspired piece in unison, to the beat of traditional oriental music. 

Take a look at some of our action shots!

Kung Fu choreography

Kung Fu choreography 1
Kung Fu choreography 2
Kung Fu choreography 3
Kung Fu choreography 4
Kung Fu choreography 5
Kung Fu choreography 6
Kung Fu choreography 7
Kung Fu choreography 8
Kung Fu choreography 9

Kung Fu Dances in Action!

Still image for this video

Kung Fu Dances in Action!

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An introduction to Yoga

The children have been learning about emotions and how they can control their emotions through physical activity and movement. A great way to combat negative emotions is through Yoga. They loved it!

Tuesday 7th January

Today we have learnt about the significance of the Dragon in China. Chinese Dragons are a symbol of China's culture and are believed to bring good luck to people. The Dragon Dance is often performed during Chinese New Year. In celebration of the upcoming New Year, we selected our own mediums to create a large scale dragon and various dragon masks for display. 

Take a look at the pictures which show the process of making our display. We can't wait to see the final product. 

Chinese Dragons

Chinese Dragons 1
Chinese Dragons 2
Chinese Dragons 3
Chinese Dragons 4
Chinese Dragons 5
Chinese Dragons 6
Chinese Dragons 7
Chinese Dragons 8
Chinese Dragons 9
Chinese Dragons 10
Chinese Dragons 11
Chinese Dragons 12
Chinese Dragons 13
Chinese Dragons 14
Chinese Dragons 15
Chinese Dragons 16
Chinese Dragons 17
Chinese Dragons 18
Chinese Dragons 19

Our Chinese Dragon

Our Chinese Dragon 1

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