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Awards and Celebrations

Week 1 Silver awards went to Phoebe and Freddie for a fabulous start tot the new school year. Read of the week was Lewis. 

Week 2 Silver awards went to Faith and Kobi for Working incredible hard on school projects. Reader of the week was Jack. 

Week 3 Silver awards went to Faith and Kobi for resilience in the classroom, and our reader of the week was Jack - well done! 

Week 4 - Our silver's went to Jack and Ruby for displaying great friendship to others. The read of the week was Ted.  

Week 5 - Our silver awards were awarded to Faith and JJ for being incredibly respectful throughout the week and showing a great attitude towards learning. Our reader of the week was Ted again - great stuff Ted! 

Week 6 - Silver awards were given for displaying compassion this week - well done to Freddie and Sophia T. Phoebe was identified as reader of the week too. 

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