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Week Commencing 24.1.22

This week the children have enjoyed lots of lovely learning.


In Maths they have  been adding amounts and numbers together. They  learnt  how to use the part/ whole model to add the two parts together to find the whole.


In topic they have been  learning  how animals adapt to survive Winter. They  have learnt which animals migrate and  hibernate and how others  prepare for Winter by burying food and making warm , cosy homes.  The children  made bird feeders to help the birds have food in the Winter months and they collected leaves, twigs and natural resources to make cosy homes for little animals. The children worked hard writing sentences about how animals adapt. 



In Phonics they atrated to learn 2 letter digraphs and have so far learnt ch and qu. 



In P.E the children were amazing at listening to and following Mr Swann's instructions on how to do a forward roll. they practised and all masterd the roll. They added this to the repertoire of pencil, sausage and teddybear rolls. 




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