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Gosh this week has flown by. The children have been so busy, doing lots of lovely learning, amazing Maths, THE MOST BRILLIANT writing and of course lots of playing. 


In Maths they have learnt to make complex repeating patterns. They made ABB and AAB patterns firstly using lego, cubes, sticklebrix, counters and connex and then they went on to make them by colouring in caterpillars. 


In Topic we have enjoyed learning about caterpillars and how they change into butterflies.

The children have loved watching our live caterpillars eating lots and growing each day. 


We used the Very Hungry Caterpillar story to prompt our writing and everybody did some amazing work. It's on our Minibeast display board. I was so proud of how everyone thought of their own idea, sounded out each word and then wrote it down forming lovely sentences. We went to show the Year 6 class and the Year 3/4 class too. They were all amazed. 


We learnt about healthy and unhealthy food choices and also food groups. Eberyone did some super sorting of foods into groups. Independently they chose healthy foods to make caterpillar face wraps.


Well done Little Conkers on an outstanding week. 



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